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Jul 7 2013   8:29PM GMT

There are a thousand … whats? C’mon, Apple — don’t you have spell check?

Ivy Wigmore Ivy Wigmore Profile: Ivy Wigmore

Which is correct?

interrobang According to Apple, there are a thousand ____ for every yes.
a. noes
b. nos
c. no’s

Answer: c.

Kind of a trick question/answer. OF COURSE, c. is not correct. OF COURSE, you never (or almost never) use an apostrophe to pluralize. Either a. or b. is correct; c. is definitely incorrect. Someone should have told Apple, though. Here’s how their latest mission statement was expressed:

if everyone/ is busy making everything/how can anyone perfect anything?/we start to confuse convenience/with joy/abundance with choice./designing something requires/focus/the first thing we ask is/what do people want to feel?/delight/surprise/love/connection/then we begin to craft around our intention/it takes time…/there are thousand no’s/for every yes./we simplify/we perfect/we start over/until everything we touch/enhances each life/it touches./only then do we sign our work./Designed by Apple in California

Don’t yell at me — Apple wrote it.   I don’t know if this is canny marketing for the post-grammar era or just an honest mistake. In the next official release of the text from their video,  they used capitalization and also enclosed “no’s” and “yes” in quotation marks. But they still didn’t fix the most egregious error.

What do you think? Canny marketing or failure to check spelling?

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  • sw1
    It's confusing. I thought it was no's.
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  • CarlCioffi
    Grammar, spelling and basic math were lost a long time ago when they allowed calculators and computers into the classroom.  I was throwing darts this past weekend with a girl who said she was an engineer.  She could not subtract 19 from 43.  What is she, a sanitary engineer?  That's pretty basic 3rd grade math.
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  • CarlCioffi
    According to merriam webster A and B are both correct.
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  • 1rabella
    sw1, the only time you can use an apostrophe s to pluralize is with single letters. CarlCioffi, that's shocking performance for an engineer. Re: A and B being correct -- yup. (Said so above.)
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