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Jul 29 2012   10:52AM GMT

Quiz: Commonly confused words

Ivy Wigmore Ivy Wigmore Profile: Ivy Wigmore

It’s a wonderful thing, in many ways, but the Internet has a lot to answer to in other areas — grammar not the least of them. We’ve got eggcorns, words that were created from mistakes, and bizarre misunderstandings that the Web seems to spread, if not actively promote. Can you select the correct options in this 10-question quiz?

1. Top Security Specialists offers the best in personal service and puts our R&D at your ___________.
a. beck and call
b. beckon call
Which is correct?

2. The fact that the email had been deleted ______ that the evidence contained in it might have been damaging to the defendant.
a. implied
b. inferred
Which is correct?

3. The book “Virtualization for Dummies” provides a ___________ explanation of virtualization that helps readers achieve a basic level of understanding.
a. simplified
b. simplistic
Which is correct?

4. The Singularity is a __________ future point when technology will have advanced beyond our ability to foresee or control its outcomes and the world transformed beyond recognition by the application of superintelligence to humans and/or human problems.
a. theoretical
b. hypothetical
Which is correct?

5. The user-training for the new business intelligence software was extensive, in the hopes that employees would be __________ by the change.
a. unphased
b. unfazed
Which is correct?

6. The colocation service provider promised to deal with all issues _____________.
a. expeditiously
b. expediently
Which is correct?

7. The advance warning of restrictions gave credit card companies __________ to find new ways to gouge consumers.
a. free rein
b. free reign
Which is correct?

8. A manager’s level of emotional intelligence _______ the entire office.
a. effects
b. affects
Which is correct?

9. They felt the report was unclear and requested a new plan defining __________ changes rather than broad, ill-defined goals.
a. substantial
b. substantive
Which is correct?

10. Intravenous systems enable _________ delivery of medication, which is often more beneficial to the patient than the intermittent delivery of oral medications.
a. continuous
b. continual
Which is correct?

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