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Aug 2 2017   5:12PM GMT

Easier or more easily – Which is correct?

Kaitlin Herbert Kaitlin Herbert Profile: Kaitlin Herbert


Which is correct?
When using a dynamic link library (DLL), updates are ______ to apply to each module without affecting other parts of the program.

A. easier
B. more easily


Answer: A

Easier is an adjective and more easily is an adverbial phrase. Easier describes “updates”, not how they are applied.

A good way to remember the difference:

That was the easier answer (adjective).
You answered it more easily than I could have done it (adverbial phrase).

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  • Pkatrak
    Sorry, but I beg to differ on your answer. "updates are more easily to apply to each module" is just wrong English! Try and read the whole sentence with your answer.
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  • Kaitlin Herbert
    You're correct! I put the wrong letter as the answer. Should be fixed now. Thank you for pointing that out!
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  • julzb21
    I don't exactly know why, but I actually enjoyed English Grammar and still do. I just "know" the correct way to use it in almost every instance. I have alway's been good at spelling as well.
    I am not perfect but I do pretty well.
    My freshman year in college (the first time I went), my English 101 Professor asked me to challenge the course before the middle of my second semester.
    Just now, I read the question above and the correct answer just "fit" when I tried using one or the other inside my mind. I did not remember any specific rule about it, which is the case sometimes. I just seem to know most other times.
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  • JodiArts
    I wrote this in my book: 
    It is more easy to be an art critic than ...

    My husband "corrected" it to: 
    It is much easier to be an art critic than ...

    Which is correct, please? His sounds wrong to me and I can't make head or tail of what you have typed here in regards to my sentence, or on another site I went to look this up. Thank you!!!

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  • rsanhuezaf
    Hi, Jodi
    The correct sentence is your husband's. The reason is quite... easy: you are comparing two jobs (you can compare any noun actually) and you're using the adjective easy. As easy is a one-syllable adjective you must use the -er ending. In this specific case, easy ends in -y so you have to replace that -y for an -i; the result: easier without more.

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  • MS2000
    Hi Kaitlin,

    thank you for another interesting article!

    Although my English is far from fluent I allow myself to question your explanation. I’d say, "easier" is describing how the updates are applied: "updates are easier to apply" is different from "easier updates can be applied", isn’t it?

    In some cases easy can be used as an adverb. Or am I mixing up different things here? Please correct me where I’m wrong.


    Best regards
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