February 1, 2019  8:13 AM

The women in tech debate: are we still in the era of unconscious gender bias?

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"tech skills", "women in IT", "women in tech", gender, IT skills, Stem

GUEST BLOG: In this contributed blog post, Dr Joanne Phoenix, interim executive director at Sensor City asks how far we've really come in eliminating gender bias In recent years, we have seen a significant shift in gender imbalance,...

February 2, 2016  9:02 AM

FDM everywoman in Technology Awards finalists announced

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"technology careers", "women in tech", Diversity, gender, Technology, Women

The finalists for this year's Everywoman in Technology Awards have been announced prior to the awards ceremony in February 2016.

After filtering hundreds of applications, judges from IBM, EMC, Microsoft, American...

May 8, 2013  2:42 PM

Hormones: Most find it surprisingly difficult to work for a woman…apparently

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Gender and Sexuality", "Social Sciences", gender, Linkedin, People, Psychology, Transgendered, Women

I received an email from a male reader, recently, who wanted to air his opinions on female managers.


February 22, 2013  4:50 PM

IT’s a man’s world: We’re not complaining

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Human sex ratio", "New York", "Science and Technology", gender, London, People, Technology, Women

I've spoken to a few women this week who agreed with me when I asked if some people can get the wrong impression when they see the words "women in technology." To those that are not involved in any of these groups or discussions,...

January 11, 2013  5:22 PM

Changes in attitudes needed so girls don’t get left behind

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"United Nation", Education, gender, government, Skills

Recently the United Nations (UN) said that women and girls are at risk of being left behind if countries don't start putting measures in place to change attitudes towards women studying in scientific and...

August 6, 2012  11:33 AM

Career in finance for women? Don’t count it out

kbateman Profile: kbateman

This is a guest blog from Vicky Godliman, Group Finance Director, Trustmarque...

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July 9, 2012  5:53 PM

First Women Awards: Winner’s story

kbateman Profile: kbateman

This is a guest blog from Pam Maynard who is GM of Avanade UK & Ireland.

July 5, 2012  2:19 PM

NatWest everywoman awards call for entries closing soon

kbateman Profile: kbateman

The tenth annual NatWest everywoman awards will close for entries on July 20th so there is not  much time left if you want to enter for the 'Iris' category....

July 4, 2012  10:49 AM

Reaching the boardroom isn’t the end of the battle

kbateman Profile: kbateman

The challenges for female IT professionals to win a place on the board are well documented. The good news is that things are improving... slowly. But those women who gain a seat too often realise that is only the...

June 14, 2012  3:40 PM

It’s not clever to be clever

kbateman Profile: kbateman
gender, government

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