July 9, 2015  5:57 PM

What Geena Davis can teach the IT industry

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Chateau Marmont Hotel", "Geena Davis", "Independence Day (film)", "Independence Day (United States)", "Jeff Goldblum", "Late Show with David Letterman", "Los Angeles", Actor, Facebook, Gaul

This is a guest blog by Eileen O'Mara, vice president sales EMEA at salesforce.com.

This year's shortlist for the ComputerWeekly Top 50 Most Influential Women in IT is more impressive than ever, and seeing the achievements of so many...

February 13, 2015  1:41 PM

Day 4 of Townley Grammar’s California girls: Trip to Silicon Valley

Bryan Glick Bryan Glick Profile: Bryan Glick
"silicon valley", "women in IT", Education, Facebook, Stem

This is a guest blog from Desmond Deehan, head teacher at Townley Grammar School for girls in Kent. Each year the school takes its GCSE and A Level...

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November 24, 2014  1:25 PM

Women in technology: A managing director’s view

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Advanced Micro Devices", "Chief operating officer", "Democratic Party (United States)", "List of chief executive officers", "Sheryl Sandberg", AOL, Facebook, Google, Marissa Mayer, Yahoo

This is a guest blog by Juliette Denny, managing director of Growth Engineering, and finalist in the 'Iris' category at the NatWest everywoman awards.


June 16, 2014  11:40 AM

Cisco hosts “Dragon’s Den” App Challenge for Girls in IT Day

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Cisco Networking Academy", Cisco, Cisco Systems, Facebook, Feltham, Kenya, London, Netherlands

This is a guest blog from Hannah Wright,head of security at Cisco Systems, and App Challenge Dragon @CiscoNetAcad


February 10, 2014  10:44 AM

Introducing the speakers at the BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium 2014

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Academic publishing", "Tom Daley", "Valentine's Day", author, Facebook, Milne, publishing, twitter

This is a guest blog from Hannah Dee, lecturer in computer science at Aberystwyth University and BCSWomen deputy...

October 14, 2013  3:54 PM

Ada Lovelace Day: Celebrating leading female figures in technology

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Ada Lovelace Day", "Charles Babbage", "FDM Group", "Sheryl Sandberg", ADA, adalovelace, Facebook, Google

This is a guest blog from Lana Burgess, advertising coordinator at FDM Group.



August 19, 2012  3:25 PM

Getting women on board

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Board of directors", "Chief operating officer", "FTSE 100 Index", "FTSE 100", "Sheryl Sandberg", Facebook, June, Norway

This is a guest blog from Liz Reynolds, HR Director at Trustmarque Solutions

June 19, 2012  2:48 PM

Inspiring young women into IT

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"GCE Advanced Level", "General Certificate of Secondary Education", "Jerry Sandusky", Facebook, school, Technology, Youth, YouTube

This is a guest blog from Ann Brown UK HR Director at Capgemini


April 20, 2012  1:39 PM

A problem shared: Embracing collaborative working in the modern-day workplace

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Felicity Wohltman", Business, Collaboration, Facebook, information technology, Marketing, Mindjet, People

This is a guest post from Felicity Wohltman, VP of Solutions at Mindjet, who discusses why are we so reluctant to share?...

April 13, 2012  10:20 AM

Dear Mr Zuckerberg….where are all the women?

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Board of directors", "Chief operating officer", "Mark Zuckerberg", "Sheryl Sandberg", "Women's rights", Facebook, MoveOn.org, Ultraviolet

Facebook's all-male board of directors has been the recent target of women's group Ultraviolet, which last week launched an anti-sexism campaign against the social media giant. The group, which describes itself as...

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