July 17, 2019  2:48 PM

Setting out the target for diversity

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"diversity in tech", "women in tech", Diversity, jobs, recruitment, targets

GUEST BLOG: As companies continue to face an enormous digital skills gap, Helen Wollaston, Chief Executive of WISE, the campaign for gender balance in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM), calls on industry leaders to set targets to increase representation of women in tech in this...

April 4, 2019  4:16 PM

SuiteWorld 2019: I’m a geek and proud says, Shaquille O’Neal

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"Angel investor", "Board of directors", "diversity in tech", boards, Diversity, geek

Ex-basketball star, philanthropist and entrepreneur Shaquille O’Neal made an interesting appearance at SuiteWorld 2019, not just to DJ at the show’s closing party but also to talk about his various activities in the business world. NetSuite has a history of inviting sports...

February 11, 2019  10:26 AM

Makers launches nominations for inaugural Women in Software Power List

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"women in IT", "women in tech", Diversity, inclusion, IT jobs, IT skills, Skills

Software developer bootcamp Makers has launched its first annual Women in Software Power List, nominations for which are now open. In partnership with Level39, the Women in Software Power List is designed to recognise some of the female rising stars in the UK’s software development...

November 1, 2018  6:36 PM

Why Google employees have staged equality walkouts

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"women in tech", Diversity, equality, Google, Women

On 1 November 2018 Google staff from offices around the world staged walkouts to protest the company’s alleged poor treatment of women. Staff across all departments, in several cities globally, have left their office buildings to stand outside in protest, including the internet giant’s...

October 8, 2018  11:05 AM

Exclusion and the Skills Shortage

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"diversity in technology", Diversity, equality, inclusion, parity

In this contributed blog post Leon Brown, owner of Nextpoint, talks about the role exclusion pays in the technology industry's diversity gap. Attracting and retaining skills required to develop...

October 1, 2018  9:36 PM

Why we need to focus on inclusivity as well as diversity in the tech industry?

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"women in IT", Diversity

This year’s Computer Weekly diversity in technology event focused on the importance of inclusivity in attracting and retaining diverse talent. Inclusivity can...

August 23, 2018  4:03 PM

Being a data scientist isn’t all hard stuff

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"women in IT", "women in tech", Data Science, Diversity

GUEST BLOG: In this contributed blog post Bryony Hill, Technical Data Scientist at Nominet, discusses the misconceptions around being a data scientist.  When I tell people I’m a data scientist, they often say “wow, you must be clever” or

July 2, 2018  9:42 AM

The pipeline problem; how do we get more girls into technology?

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"diversity in tech", "Girls in Tech", "women in IT", "women in tech", Creativity, Diversity, Stem

In this guest post, Jo Morfee, co-founder of Innovate Her, discusses the UK's digital skills pipeline and how to encourage more girls to be part of it One of the main factors impeding technology companies globally is the lack...

May 22, 2018  3:17 PM

The sky is the limit for UK tech – as long as we embrace diversity

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"diversity in tech", "women in IT", "women in tech", Diversity, IT jobs

In this contributed blog post, Russ Shaw, founder of Tech London Advocates & Global Tech Advocates explains that the UK's tech ecosystem has the potential to be the best in the world, as long as diversity is part of the picture.  Over the past five years, the UK tech sector has...

March 8, 2018  4:30 PM

International Women’s Day 2018: What steps can we take for women in tech?

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"international women's day", "women in IT", "women in tech", Diversity, equality, IT jobs

Each year March 8 represents International Women’s Day, a day dedicated both to celebrating women and pushing for greater gender equality. For 2018 the theme of International Women’s...

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