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October 12, 2017  11:29 AM

Why Ada Lovelace Day is important for women in tech

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
"Ada Lovelace Day", "Ada Lovelace", "diversity in tech", "gender stereotypes", "women in tech", Creativity, Software development

The number of women in tech is still much lower than the number of men in the industry with many highlighting issues such as lack of mentors, lack of role models and imposter syndrome as factors preventing the uptake of tech roles for women. Ada Lovelace day, named after the

October 13, 2014  12:22 PM

Inspiring the next generation of female tech pioneers – Ada Lovelace Day 2014

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Ada Lovelace", "Anne-Marie Imafidon", "Charles Babbage", "Girls' Day School Trust", "Institute of Education", "Silicon Milkroundabout", "Streatham & Clapham High School", Stemettes

This is a guest blog by Catherine Scutt, head of creative teaching & learning at the Girls' Day School Trust (GDST)

Ada Lovelace (1815-1852) was a bona fide 'game changer'. Her work on Charles Babbage's early mechanical general-purpose computer, the...

May 2, 2014  11:59 AM

The BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium: A student perspective Polina Stoyanova

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Ada Lovelace", "Lovelace Colloquium", "University of Greenwich", "University of Reading", "Women in computing", bcswomen, Computer science, London

This year's BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium was at The University of Reading. Students came to the event from across the country. Three of the student poster contest finalists give their perspectives over the next three blog posts.

This is a...

September 11, 2013  1:19 PM

BCS Women invites you to their Festival of Wikipedia for Ada Lovelace day

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Ada Lovelace Day", "Ada Lovelace", "suw charman-anderson", "Wikimedia UK", ADA, edinburgh, Southampton, wikipedia

September 28, 2012  2:59 PM

FDM event in honour of Ada Lovelace

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Ada Lovelace", "Business Link", "Sue Black", "University College London", UBS

FDM will be holding a women in IT event, in celebration of Ada Lovelace and the achievements of women in technology.

September 13, 2012  12:02 PM

Ada Lovelace continues to inspire women (through music)

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Ada Lovelace", "Emily Howard", "Geoffrey Hill", "James MacMillan", "Lord Byron", "oxford university", "Royal Northern College of Music", Howard

Ada Lovelace continues to inspire women 160 years after her death, as musician Emily Howard has created three compositions entitled The Lovelace Trilogy based on her life's works. For those who don't know, Lovelace was a...

April 3, 2012  6:01 PM

Who said women aren’t good at IT?

kbateman Profile: kbateman
"Ada Lovelace", "Charles Babbage", "FDM Group", "Grace Hopper", Bill Gates, COBOL, Lovelace, steve jobs

A guest blog by Sheila Flavell, COO of FDM Group, and winner of Cisco 2012 everywoman in Technology Awards Leader of the Year.

June 2, 2011  11:27 AM

Reports from BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium

jwilliams2 Profile: jwilliams2
"aberystwyth university", "Ada Lovelace", "bcswomen lovelace colloquium", "hannah dee", bcswomen

hmd1.jpgHannah Dee, lecturer in computer science at Aberystwyth University and BCSWomen deputy chair, writes a guest...

March 24, 2009  5:10 PM

The role models I didn’t have (Ada Lovelace Day)

rfroley Profile: rfroley
"Ada Lovelace", "geek girls", "role models", AdaLovelaceDay09, Computing, Gaming, school, Women

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be, variously, a singer, a bestselling author, a teacher, and a veterinary surgeon. Around the age of 10, thanks to an inspirational teacher in my last year at junior school, I added to that list mathematician and computer programmer. Milk bottle...

March 23, 2009  5:51 PM

Ada Lovelace Day approaches…

rfroley Profile: rfroley
"Ada Lovelace", "role models", AdaLovelaceDay09

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