January, 2011

January 26, 2011  5:09 PM

Women cannot succeed in corporate environments due to lack of flexible working

jwilliams2 Profile: jwilliams2
"federation of small businesses", "flexible working", "nosh detox delivery", astia, bizspark, Microsoft, Women in Technology

I went to a roundtable meeting hosted by Microsoft this week, aimed at discussing the challenges women in business face.

Various female panellists were there, including Tanya Shirlow, head of SMB at Microsoft UK; Bindi Karia, head of

January 26, 2011  9:59 AM

Sacking Andy Gray: Lessons the technology industry can learn

falani Profile: falani

This week we have seen Andy Gray, Sky Sports commentator, lose his job over comments made about a female referee's assistant and a co-worker.

I'm not going to bore you with the details of what has been said, you can watch the videos below, but what I would say is that Andy Gray is a...

January 24, 2011  11:29 AM

Are you a tech influencer, porn star or Sarah Palin?

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
flow chart, Infographic, Women in Technology, wpromote

TechCrunch has posted, named and shamed an infographic of women in tech created by WPromote online marketing. WPromote say it was...

January 24, 2011  11:10 AM

How male domination in boardrooms can be tackled

Clare McDonald Profile: Clare McDonald
Women in Technology


The Guardian's Friday interview profiled Helena Morrissey, fund manager who oversees £47bn. She's also mother to nine children.

January 21, 2011  4:56 PM

Are you social or anti-social? Notes from the #BCSsocial event

jwilliams2 Profile: jwilliams2

Last night at BCS central London branch / BCS Women event, @JemimaG, @JoanneJacobs and @LJRich discussed the pros and cons of social media, chaired by

January 19, 2011  1:45 PM

Debate over “hopeless” female entrepreneurs and paying-to-pitch: Telegraph vs. The NextWomen

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"Mike Butcher", "the nextwomen", astia, entrepreneurs, leweb, seedcamp, Techcrunch, Telegraph

Flickr_money_Christopher Isherwood.jpgThe

January 17, 2011  11:25 AM

How government funding cuts are impacting women. The backlash continues.

jwilliams2 Profile: jwilliams2
"government cuts", "uk resource centre for women in science engineering and technology", "women in mobile data association", Funding, government

Following my post last week about the funding cuts for the UK Resource...

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January 17, 2011  10:39 AM

Top 10 women in Silicon Valley wield different sort of power to men?

jwilliams2 Profile: jwilliams2
"mercury news", "silicon valley", "top 10", power, Women in Technology

Flickr_power_LivingOS.jpgFor the first time, Mercury News has compiled a list of the

January 14, 2011  11:21 AM

Interesting read: Google exec, Marissa Mayer chats about tech industry gender lines

jwilliams2 Profile: jwilliams2
gender, Google, Marissa Mayer, Women in Technology

Following on from the previous post about the 10 most powerful women in Silicon Valley, Google exec, Marrisa Mayer, was listed.

January 13, 2011  2:07 PM

Re-inventing the wheel, elliptical wheels and hexagonal wheels: The backlash against government cuts

jwilliams2 Profile: jwilliams2
"chi onwurah", BIS, Funding, government, Stem, womenintechnology

Flickr_tyre_Be.Futureproof.jpgThe department for business, innovation and skills (BIS) recently announced...

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