March, 2009

March 24, 2009  5:10 PM

The role models I didn’t have (Ada Lovelace Day)

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When I was a little girl, I wanted to be, variously, a singer, a bestselling author, a teacher, and a veterinary surgeon. Around the age of 10, thanks to an inspirational teacher in my last year at junior school, I added to that list mathematician and computer programmer. Milk bottle...

March 24, 2009  12:45 PM

Ada Lovelace Day coverage from Computer Weekly

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"Ada Lovelace Day", "Computer Weekly", "women in IT"

Ada-day.jpgGot your copy of this week's issue of Computer Weekly? Then you'll already be aware that

March 24, 2009  8:45 AM

Finding Adas – The Next Generation

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"katharine berry", AdaLovelaceDay09, ajaxlife

As part of the Finding Ada Day celebration, I'm taking part in the pledge to write a post about a woman in Technology I admire.

AjaxLife is a web based service that allows you to log into the Second Life Client, access your friends list and chat...

March 23, 2009  5:51 PM

Ada Lovelace Day approaches…

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"Ada Lovelace", "role models", AdaLovelaceDay09

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March 12, 2009  11:43 AM

Tomorrow’s Women, Tomorrow’s World (UKRC Conference 2009)

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"UKRC SET annual conference", #ukrc, Women in Technology

Today's the date of the 2009 annual conference from the UK Resource Centre for Women in Science, Engineering and Technology. Unfortunately I didn't discover this in time to attend (note to self - must set aside some research time to ensure I don't...

March 11, 2009  11:22 AM

The Mother of all programming languages

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"Ada Lovelace", IT, Liskov, Turing, Women

I'm really pleased that my first post to this blog is to tell you about the work of a woman who has had a huge impact on computing during her career.

Barbara Liskov, an MIT Professor, who is head of the Programming Methodology Group in the Computer Science department , and the Artificial...

March 2, 2009  11:43 AM

Blogging for and about women working in IT

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"gender gap", "women in IT", Computing, Women in Technology

Women falling out of love with IT, Thousands of women go missing from...

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