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Feb 17 2014   12:56PM GMT

Windows 9 Rumors Heating Up: RC this September?

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With Windows 8.1 Update 1 now confidently predicted for March/April of this year, the rumor mill is grinding ahead into the next major planned release for Windows. Usually called Windows 9, this next release is said to provide remedies for many of the beefs that old-line mouse-and-keyboard Windows users have tallied against the Windows 8.* family of operating systems.


One view of the Windows 9 logo, courtesy of

Numerous sources now indicate that a Release Candidate for whatever Microsoft ends up calling “Windows 9” is likely to appear between late August and sometime in September, 2014, including Wzor (as reported at Among the various enhancement and improvements said to be included in this release are:

  • Modern UI apps inside desktop windows, much like Stardock’s ModernMix utility
  • The return of a genuine, built-in, desktop start menu, much like Stardock’s Start8 or Classic Shell (Paul Thurrott says this will be a user-electable option)
  • Windows 9 (or other distinct OS) branding seems pretty likely, as MS tries to distance the next release from the generally poor-to-lukewarm reception for Windows 8. The current MS code name for this next version is “Threshold”
  • More consolidation across Xbox, Windows, and Windows Phone is likely for Windows 9, so watching SKUs should be interesting (as should be the fate of Windows RT). Mary Jo Foley reports there will be a “modern” consumer version, a traditional PC version, and an enterprise version. Details remain sketchy
  • Most reports (or speculations about the future) put the release date for Windows 9 into Q2 2015 (which squares up against the RC date mentioned earlier, given a typical 6 month lag from RC to Customer Preview (CP; usually at mid-point) to General Availability (GA) releases.

Please note that this also holds to Microsoft’s newly adopted Rapid Technology Update approach, wherein they release new versions on a more or less annual schedule. It’s too early to tell how many of these rumors may show up in the various code releases, but this paints an interesting picture of regrets addressed, and missteps retrodden.

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  • bobdunford
    have you noticed in Microsoft windows each year we seem to have less in 2000 works suite we had autoroute showing us maps of roads all over the world ,home publishing where we could make all out Christmas cards ,birthday. Easter anything to do with art,world atlas,then there was the one where you could see any address in the the latest thing most people are doing is there family was said the computer soon will allow you to do most anything at home on your computer Microsoft is looking into this.this is what people want,Microsoft have the technology to this .and are always asking what people want in there computer,it is not only games,thank you for reading this 
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  • rfmorgan

    If they really wanted to make W9 friendly they would provide an easily-accessible tool that would alllow users to turn off each new "feature" of the new version individually. Also a tool that would resurrect any feature of the previous versions that they dropped in the new version.  That would also give them feedback on what the users liked and disliked by simply monitoring which features the users liked and disliked.

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  • Ed Tittel

    Dear Mr. Dunford: thanks for posting. I'm not sure anything more than an acknowledgement is required for your comment, but if you do have any questions, please let me know (you can post another comment here, or visit my website at to send me an e-mail directly).

    Best wishes,

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  • Ed Tittel

    The very nice Windows 8/8.1 utility called "Classic Shell" actually provides most of the functionality you apparently seek. Check this SourceForge project out at Great stuff!


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