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March 13, 2017  10:40 PM

Create a Custom ISO for Windows 10: Part 1 of 6

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

By Kari the Finn, guest blogger for Ed Tittel, courtesy of Note: this blog is Part 1 in a series of 6 parts on the topic of using Sysprep to craft a custom ISO for use in installing Windows 10, aimed at the upcoming Creator's Update scheduled to become available in mid to late...

March 3, 2017  5:46 PM

MS Status on UUP as Creator’s Update Nears

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Yesterday, Bill Karagounis, Microsoft's Director of Program Management for the Windows Insider Program offered an update on UUP. It appeared in a Windows...

February 11, 2017  3:04 PM

EI.cfg and PID.txt Install Windows License Info

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

If you frequently install Windows, here's a trick to forestall version identification and license requests during the process. As documented in a TechNet article, you must out two files in \Sources to make this happen. The first is named 2 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

February 2, 2017  4:56 PM

UUP Gets Teething Problems

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Since last November, I've mentioned the Unified Update Platform 5 for Windows 10 five times in this blog. It made its debut with Insider Preview build 14959, and as of yesterday, we're up to build 15025. It's proving to be something of a pain, as I work with downloading and installing frequent...

January 25, 2017  10:53 AM

ShowKeyPlus for Your Admin Toolbox

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Admins will occasionally need to mess around with Windows licenses as they install new images or repair existing ones. For cases where digital licensing information from Microsoft doesn't automatically activate such PCs, a key finding-tool comes in handy. While there are many such tools around, one...

January 23, 2017  12:47 PM

Windows 7 Support Ends 1/14/2020

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

The German arm of Microsoft started banging the drum for retirement and replacement of Windows 7 last week in a fascinating blog post. It's entitled "Windows 7 Supports Ends in Three Years." (

December 9, 2016  10:19 AM

WUMT Works with UUP

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

On December 8, Microsoft released its first major Windows 10 build using the new Unified Update Platform. So far, many users -- including yours truly -- experience Download hanging at 0% progress. MS has issued a

December 5, 2016  5:26 PM

The Long Win10 Tail Carries a Nasty Barb

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

The long tail is a concept popularized in the early 2000s by writer Chris Anderson, who first used the term in an eponymous Wired magazine story. Simply put, the long tail concentrates on the tail end of certain statistical...

November 25, 2016  12:23 PM

Admin Tools: Winaero Tweaker

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Anybody who follows this blog knows I turn regularly to Sergey Tkachenko's site for news and the occasional admin tool. I've been aware of his free (donationware, actually) Winaero Tweaker for some time, but never dug into it...

November 23, 2016  5:10 PM

Admin Toolbox: File Mgmt

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

This will be the first in a multi-part series on free or low-cost tools worth adopting for Windows desktop admins. Here, we take a look at two free tools for Windows file management: WinDirStat and

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