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July, 2019

July 31, 2019  12:38 PM

Protecting Backup Card Proves Essential

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Troubleshooting, Windows 10, Windows Backup

My Surface Pro 3 (vintage 2014) is still chugging gamely along in my office. I use it as an Insider Preview Slow Ring test machine. Each time I upgrade the OS (about weekly, these days), I clean up Windows.old and make a backup of the newly installed OS. Entirely routine and ho-hum. But this...

July 29, 2019  1:53 PM

KB4505903 Fixes DPC Latency Issue

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
audio sound, Windows 10, Windows Updates

DPC is Windows shorthand for "deferred procedure call." As explained at (makers of the outstanding, free 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

July 26, 2019  2:25 PM

Identify Win10 Backup Version

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Backup, Version Managment, Windows 10

If you're anything like me, you've got backups upon backups for your Windows 10 systems. Sometimes, it's useful to identify Win10 backup version info -- that is, which version and build the backup contains. As long as you can access the files within the backup set, this turns out to be absurdly...

July 24, 2019  5:19 PM

1809 MiniITX PC Gets 1903 Update Offer

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Windows 10, Windows Update, Windows Update Management, Windows Upgrades

Just for grins, I've held one of the PCs here at Chez Tittel in abeyance. My wife's mini-ITX PC is built around a Jetway QM77 mobo with a mobile quad core i7 3630. It's also got 16 GB of DDR3 RAM, and a Samsung EVO 840 250 GB SSD (SATA3). I deliberately left it running 1809 to see how long it would...

July 22, 2019  12:38 PM

Upgrade Win10 Repair Install Saves Mangled T520 PC

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Windows 10, Windows installation, Windows Upgrades

Part of my routine system maintenance on Win10 PC is to use the built-in Reliability Monitor. I'll check my PCs anywhere from once a week to once a month, depending on issues and behavior. Good behavior warrants less frequency; and slowdowns, flakeouts, and blue screens warrant more. I endured a...

July 19, 2019  12:41 PM

MS 19Q4 Financials Offer Interesting Insights

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Financials, Microsoft, Windows 10

Yesterday (July 18), MS published financial results for the fourth quarter of its 2019 fiscal year. (MS FY runs from July 1 of the preceding year to June 30 of the current year.) Those results include a...

July 17, 2019  11:43 AM

Recent Win10 Updates Bollix Defender Module Hashes

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

After recent Windows Defender updates and the latest 1903 Windows 10 CU (KB4507453) Windows 10 may show interesting misbehavior. Symptom: running the sfc /scannow...

July 15, 2019  2:58 PM

Is Windows 10 19H2 Now Called Version Next?

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Windows 10, Windows Update Management, Windows Updates, Windows Upgrades

A few minutes ago, I saw word at TenForums that a new slow ring Insider Preview release was out. Until now, this version has been more or less uniformly known as 19H2 (for 2019, Second Half of year). But as the following screencap shows, it appears therein as "Windows 10 Version Next." That's as...

July 12, 2019  11:28 AM

Resuming Work Underscores Routine Windows Admin Workload

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Windows 10, Windows administration, Windows Update Management, Windows Updates

Hello again! I've been quiet for almost two weeks, off on vacation. When I got back to the office yesterday, I found a plethora of Win10 updates and upgrades pending. Right now, I'm running 9 PCs in my office, so resuming work underscores routine Windows admin workload for sure. The mix of OS...

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