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January, 2015

January 22, 2015  4:09 PM

Subduing the Wily and Recalcitrant Windows.edb in Win8.1

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Indexing, Performance/Tuning, Windows 8.1

I am a great fan of checking in on my disks from time to time, especially my system/boot disk, which goes by C: on my system. The last time I fired up WinDirStat on my production system, my eyes...

January 21, 2015  2:35 PM

Windows 10 Free Upgrade for Win7, 8.1, Phone 8.1 Users for One Year After GA

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Windows 10, Windows migration

It's a big day for MS news today, what with the Windows 10 Customer Preview dog-and-pony show today at Global HQ in Redmond. There's all kinds of interesting news on that front, but the item that's undoubtedly of greatest interest is also recounted in a Blogging Windows post from Terry...

January 19, 2015  9:11 AM

TechNet Solution Guide Addresses WinDeployment Best Practices

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Deployment tools, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1

From the "better late than never" school of information sharing, I just found an October 2014 TechNet Solution Guide that many Windows administrators are likely to find captivating. It's entitled " 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

January 17, 2015  12:10 PM

Seismic Shift in Windows Punditsphere

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Huh? What's a "Punditsphere?" Glad you asked! It's the group of industry insiders, experts, gurus, and gadabouts that attach themselves to specific technology platforms, tools, and operating systems. Windows, in this case. You could have knocked me over with the proverbial feather when I saw...

January 14, 2015  9:04 AM

Windows 7 Now Off Mainstream Support

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Windows 7, Windows migration

OK folks, here's a transition point for you to note. As of today, January 14, Windows 7 is no longer on mainstream support at Microsoft. Going forward, it will get no new functionality, no new service packs, nor bug fixes that are not security-related. Should IT pros be concerned? Not really: MS...

January 12, 2015  10:58 AM

Dell Venue 11 Pro Shows Promise of Broadwell Tablets

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Dell tablets, Windows 10

About two months ago, I purchased a Dell Venue 11 Pro model 7130, when I read that it featured a Broadwell "M" class CPU in a compact 11" format. By the time all was said and done I spent around $1,300 to get a tablet with an Intel i5-4210Y (1.5 GHz) processor, 8GB RAM, a 10.8" IPS 1920x1080 touch...

January 10, 2015  1:19 PM

Update Tuesday: Evolving from Advance Notification to myBulletins

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Security updates

For the past year or so, Patch Tuesday has been remonikered Update Tuesday. In a blog post from the Microsoft Security Response Center on Thursday, January 8, Chris Betz discussed the topic of " 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

January 6, 2015  6:48 PM

MS to Drop ISOs and Updates for Win10 January Preview Together

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Beta Testing, Windows 10

Previous releases of the Windows 10 Technical Preview have come via a special online update through PC Settings. Only two weeks after Build 9879 was released did MS provide ISOs to permit clean installs (or bare metal builds). Next time around, says Engineering General Manager Gabe Aul, MS will...

January 5, 2015  11:12 AM

CES Is On: Hope the Hype Hits!

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
CES International, Intel, Internet of Things, lenovo, System on a Chip

Now that the holidays are behind us, and the New Year is unrolling before is, it's time for that annual technology extravaganza known as the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), still one of the biggest and most wide-ranging of all the big technology conferences that take over Las Vegas from time to...

January 2, 2015  10:06 AM

Yes, Virginia: Windows *DOES* Defrag SSDs (Sometimes)

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel
Disk defragmentation, SSD

Two persistent myths that attach to SSDs running under "modern" Windows OSes (version 7 and higher) are as follows: (a) defragging such disks is a bad idea (b) Windows doesn't defrag such disks by default, provided that it recognizes them properly. Visiting the Windows 8 Forums this morning...

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