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July, 2013

July 29, 2013  12:13 PM

Compelling Win8.1 Feature: Device-Friendly App Development

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Though Windows 8.1 offers some very nice features and functions -- and in some cases, ones that are absolutely vital (as with a reworked Start menu, and improved desktop access) to any hopes the OS might have for success and commercial uptake -- so far, it's been hard to find any truly compelling...

July 26, 2013  12:02 PM

Tweak Win8.1 UI, or Switch to Start Replacement?

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

I am a big fan of Ed Bott's ZDNet blog posts, which often deal with Windows topics, under the general heading of The Ed Bott Report. Earlier this week (July 23) he posted a little gem entitled "

July 24, 2013  1:08 PM

Now I Know Why There’s a Start8 1.17 Beta: For Win8.1

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Anybody who's been reading this blog for the last year knows that I'm a big fan of the $5 Stardock software utility known as Start8. While it's not free (and for those who...

July 22, 2013  1:34 PM

More frequent versions also means more “rapid update cadence” for Windows 8.1

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

Late last week, Microsoft pushed out a batch of new fixes for the Windows 8.1 Preview for x86, x64, and RT versions. This comes about a week after Patch Tuesday, and includes five fixes -- one labeled "Important," with four others "Recommended" -- that are separate and distinct from the Patch...

July 22, 2013  12:33 PM

First-ever CCIE, Stuart Briggs, Has Passed Away

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

It's a little known fact that the first CCIE number issued was CCIE #1025 (210+1). Apparently, Cisco didn't want to start the program with number 1, so they started it with one more than two raised to the tenth power -- a fitting designation for a technical arena where manipulating...

July 19, 2013  4:43 PM

Windows 8.1 Brings Added Security to the Table

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

It's probably part of Microsoft's push to extend uptake of Windows 8.1 beyond the enthusiast/home user level, but I'm seeing some very interesting security improvements in Windows 8.1. Some of them appear designed specifically to appeal to corporate/enterprise users. Here's a partial list,...

July 19, 2013  3:09 PM

How Microsoft is like a woodpecker

Eugene Demaitre Eugene Demaitre Profile: Eugene Demaitre

By Diana Hwang As I sit on my friend's porch in New Hampshire staring at a lake, I can see and hear the woodpeckers as they drum on various trees around her property in search of food. Microsoft reminds me of a woodpecker as it hops from tree to tree pecking to find the one...

July 18, 2013  3:04 PM

Bye, Bye TechNet, Bye, Bye!

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

I've known about this since the beginning of July, but am just now getting around to sharing the news with my blog readers that MS is preparing to phase out its long-time, highly-valued TechNet subscription service. The banner on the 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

July 18, 2013  12:03 PM

Intel admits it was too slow to capture the ultra-mobile PC market

Diana Hwang Diana Hwang Profile: Diana Hwang

Can a huge organization become a faster and nimbler company to capture emerging markets? Intel seems to think so. After taking the helm as Intel Corp.’s new CEO in May, Brian Kzanich met with the company’s partners to discuss its priorities and strategy. He is now implementing a strategy...

July 15, 2013  1:28 PM

WSCC: Great Console For Windows Admins Gathers Great Software

Ed Tittel Ed Tittel Profile: Ed Tittel

The folks at Romanian software company KirySoft have put together the Windows System Control Center, aka WSCC, which gathers the cream of the Windows systems tools together under a...

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