Karl's Windows Admin Tips & Tricks:

February, 2011

February 28, 2011  4:32 PM

What Certs do you hold?

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Do you feel that certifications help you in your career? Do they help you with personal and professional development? Or are they a huge waste of time and effort? We would love to hear from our reader out there in ITKE land - what certifications do you hold? What are you aspiring to get? Let...

February 28, 2011  4:30 PM

Problems opening saved Windows event logs?

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

I had to remotely grab some Windows 2003 logs today and open them on my shinny new Windows 7 laptop. When I tried to open the .evt file it opened in event manager at the bottom which was fine. But what was not fine was there were only events for one day in there! I do not know why this works but...

February 28, 2011  1:06 PM

Use Outlook and email rules to run scripts.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

I use my outlook in box as a command central where I can instruct my machine to run very specific scripts such as rebooting a server, pinging a server and emailing the results, restarting an application on a specific machine and much much more. All I needed to do is create a script that works on my...

February 28, 2011  1:02 PM

Create server baselines of all of your servers ASAP.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

In Windows we can create server baselines so we have something to compare our systems to when something does go wrong. Do you use server baselines? You can create a baseline in Windows 2003 by doing the following: We will need to create a log file that contains the performance data generated by...

February 26, 2011  11:46 AM

Filter your event logs to find what you are looking for.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

If sorting your Windows XP or Windows 2003 server events isn't helping you to find what you are looking for you might want to try right clicking on your event log and choosing filtering. This will help you to drill down to see exactly what you want to see. In Windows 7 you have filtering options...

February 26, 2011  11:42 AM

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is released.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

The first service pack for Windows 7 has been released this month and after waiting to hear about any catastrophes I installed it last night on my two Windows 7 machines. The install went without a hitch and I have not noticed or seen any OS enhancements. There was some talk about HD audio - but um...

February 26, 2011  11:34 AM

Quickly opening the Windows event viewer from the command line.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Do you know that many common tasks in Windows are done via MMC control panels. You can bring up most of these consoles by typing in their Windows names. SO to launch the event viewer the command is:


Blamo instant event viewer. Do you...

February 26, 2011  11:31 AM

Window scrolling without changing focus

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Check out this awesome tidbit from theHowToGeek:

WizMouse is a free and lightweight Windows application that enables a simple but effective trick: the ability to scroll the contents of...

February 26, 2011  11:27 AM

Shortcut keys for the Windows Task Manager.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Did you know that you can open the Windows Task Manager on any Windows System starting with Windows 2000 easily with a shortcut combo? It is simple and makes opening the task manager very easy to do. The key combo is Control + Shift + Escape. Did you know about this? Do you have other tips or...

February 26, 2011  11:24 AM

How to tell what files have been modified on your system.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Have you ever returned to your computer and had a strange feeling that someone or something has messed with your system? Well now by issuing a simple search with the parameters being modified in the last 24 hours. This search will tell you any and all files that have been modified in the last 24...

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