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December, 2010

December 25, 2010  3:43 PM

Enabling/Disabling Windows Screensavers with a shortcut

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Sometimes we want to be able to quickly enable or disable the Windows screen saver. I am using XP as an example for the below article. To create shortcuts to modify your registry and quickly enable or disable the screen saver simply follow the steps below:

December 25, 2010  3:34 PM

Pasting into a SSH session from Windows via Putty

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

It is no big secret that I am a "Windows Guy". But I often find myself connecting to remote Linux boxes and having to copy/paste chunks of code. I learned that you can copy the text as you normally would and to paste it into a console window in Putty just right click - that's it! Simply right...

December 25, 2010  3:29 PM

Windows FTP via DOS tips

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

I have learned that you can use a command MGET or MPUT to get or put multiple files at the same time. You can also copy a file location and then paste it after your command for easier and quicker commands. So drop to a command prompt with CMD and then issue a ftp command like this: ftp...

December 24, 2010  3:32 PM

Use the /console switch for MSTSC to grab the console session.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

If a user is logged into the console on your Windows 2003 or better server you can grab that session with a simple switch. Some installs require local access and this can normally facilitate that. Have someone log in to the system and then remotely hit a command prompt and issue: MSTSC.exe...

December 23, 2010  3:24 PM

Use Error Goblin to look up Windows Error Codes.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Now you have another tool in your first line of defense against determining what your Windows error codes mean. Much like our previous post on Exchange errors Error Goblin will help decipher Windows errors. The author sums up the free web based applicaiton in a few words:


December 22, 2010  3:21 PM

Determine what those hex error codes mean from Exchange.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Determine error values from decimal and hexadecimal error codes in Microsoft Windows® operating systems. All you need to do is download this little small nifty tool from

December 21, 2010  3:17 PM

Copying your Windows XP Internet Explorer Favorites.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

If you are still running WIndows XP and are looking to export your Internet Explorer favorites to a thumb drive or other media source you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Select File -> Import and Export. This will start the "Import and Export" wizard.
  2. Select...

December 21, 2010  3:15 PM

Using Notepad++’s built in compare feature

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

From time to time I need to compare text files containing configurations, xml documents, text files and sometimes PHP files. All I have to do is fire up my free open source notepad editor and use it's build in compare feature. You open up two documents in two separate tabs. This can be achieved by...

December 20, 2010  3:09 PM

Microsoft Security Essentials Rocks for Virus Protection.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

I have been using Microsoft Security Essentials on all my Windows machines. It works great and stops all virus infections. It is free for small business and personal use. In comparision to other products - including paid products this comes out on top. It works great on low powered Windows...

December 18, 2010  2:26 PM

Using Filezillia for all your FTP needs.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

And now here is the third installment in my free Admin tools segment. Today we will be looking at a free FTP client/server application for the Windows platform. The tool is called Filezillia. The name is awesome and the client is pretty awesome as well. It supports multiple sessions, savings your...

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