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November, 2010

November 27, 2010  6:30 PM

How many levels of protection do you have on your PC?

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

I just wanted to try and gauge how many different applications most users have on their PCs. I know users have firewalls, antivirus applications, Antispyware applications, Intrustion detection and some even have more than that. Are they degrading their computing experience by being over...

November 27, 2010  6:27 PM

Stop the scan your removable drive everytime you insert it into your Windows machine.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

We found a post over at the How To Geek detailing how to disable the Shell Hardware Detection service and some other details on how to make that annoying warning disappear forever! Check out...

November 27, 2010  6:18 PM

Using IMGBurn for all your Windows burning needs.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Any time I need to burn anything on a Windows box I use IMGBurn. It is a free cd / dvd burning application. It reads and writes to image files and has a smart burning engine. IF you load up a TS-Video folder in the root of a disk it will setup a DVD and if I have all Divx files in the...

November 26, 2010  12:02 PM

Compare web pages in every browser you can imagine.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Have you ever had the need to view yours or a corporate website in every browser to make sure it is functioning properly. Well now you can check out the BrowserShots.com website and input your URL and choose the browsers you want to try it in, You can also choose to enable Flash, Java and other...

November 26, 2010  11:58 AM

Browser Speed Tests.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Recently I made the switch away from my old time favorite Firefox to Chrome again. I tried Chrome when it first came out, and wasn’t that impressed, but lately Firefox has gotten a little too bloated and actually slows down my system. Chrome on the other hand has improved dramatically, and...

November 26, 2010  11:56 AM

Creating a custom boot menu in Windows.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Do you run multiple operating systems on your computer? Are you interested in custom boot menus? If so check out http://www.askapache.com/windows/custom-boot-menu-in-windows-xp.html and follow their instructions for...

November 26, 2010  11:53 AM

Checking MX records for your domain.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Do you handle your MX records? Do you know how your MX (AKA Mail records) are set up? Well you can check out a simple website to view yours or another domains MX settings. Simply browse on over to: http://www.mxtoolbox.com/ and type in a domain name and watch the results. MX Toolbox has proven to...

November 26, 2010  11:51 AM

Setting up virtual memory on a Windows Server.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

For years and years I have always tweaked my Windows systems virtual memory. I never liked how Windows handles virtual memory. You can modify your virtual memory settings as well to be a static file. I find that when the file grows and shrinks it causes unnecessary issues. So you can right click My...

November 22, 2010  5:50 PM

What is this small partition on my clean Windows 7 install?

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

After installing Windows 7 you might notice a small partition without a drive letter. Windows created it and you would not even know it was there if you didn't check you Drive manager! Well we found out that Windows did create it to store our the Boot Manager code and the Boot Configuration...

November 20, 2010  2:03 PM

Control your Windows PC from a Mac.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

If you didn't know this - it will be a HUGE help to anyone supporting Windows Servers from a MAC environment! You can use the Remote Desktop Protocol...

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