Karl's Windows Admin Tips & Tricks:

August, 2010

August 27, 2010  12:17 PM

Make DropBox a send to item on Windows XP.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

I use DropBox habitually. This little hack has sped up my work. When I need to send an item to DropBox now all i need to do is right click on the item and select Send To --> DropBox. To set this up all I needed to do was enable hidden files and folders. You can do this by opening Windows...

August 27, 2010  12:11 PM

Adding additional clocks in Windows 7.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Do you do business with people in other time zones? Do you find yourself calling or emailing these contacts at odd hours? Well you can now add additional clocks for different time zones right in your system tray. All you need to do is open up the clock by double clicking on it in the system...

August 26, 2010  12:19 PM

Let anyone upload files to your DropBox

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

I came across this awesome article on Lifehacker today that shows us how you can allow users to upload files to your Dropbox. We have had the ability to allow us to share files with other users. But until now you were not able to have Joe User upload files to your dropbox. This can be especially...

August 26, 2010  12:14 PM

Setting up clever email rules to help you on the run.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Most people do not use email rules. Within Outlook there is something called rules. You can normally find it under Tools --> Rules and Alerts. Once you open that up you will see a place that will allow you to create rules. So what is so great about rules? Well thanks for asking. First off...

August 25, 2010  11:28 AM

Get a free SSL certificate for dev or production.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

You can get a FREE, fully functional SSL certificate from StartSSL! Yes, I said free, and it works with most browsers and services! I signed up for a free account, and tested it on my home SSTP VPN, and it worked without issue! From their...

August 24, 2010  12:04 PM

Determine a tables size in SQL.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

You might know how many lines of data you have in your table but do you actually know how much disk space the table is taking up? This was my issue this past weekend. I needed to know the aproximate size of a table in my production SQL database. I thought about it for a little while and then I...

August 24, 2010  10:49 AM

Canceling a Windows Shutdown From The Command Line.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

As someone that habitually tweaks his Windows desktop I can assure you I use this little dos command to stop by system shutdowns daily. When you kill a...

August 16, 2010  9:31 AM

Enable auditing to track what your users are doing.

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

I recently had an issue where a user deleted an entire share. They selected all the files in it and deleted it. Auditing was not enabled on this Windows 2003 member server so I could not find out who had deleted the files. I restored my files from my backup tape. Now I needed to know if this...

August 10, 2010  3:01 PM

2 methods for easy remote management

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

I use two type of remote management in my office. Most of the time I need to connect to a users workstation and show them how to make something happen. If I was to use the internal remote desktop connection their screen gets locked. My solutions take this into effect. All my clients are XP so if...

August 4, 2010  9:42 AM

Looking up Windows error codes with ErrorGoblin

Karl Gechlik Karl Gechlik Profile: Karl Gechlik

Have you ever seen an error message and shrugged your shoulders? I see cryptic error messages everyday. Some times you just can't make heads or tails out of them.  There is an online and offline solution. Instead of Googling the error messages you can use ErrorGoblin to look up your error codes....

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