When IT Meets Politics:


June 4, 2013  2:07 PM

Caught between the Communications Bill, the Patriot Act and Anglo-US “mutual assistance” agreements

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Facebook, Google, Home Office, Intellectual property, Microsoft, twitter, Yahoo

Press cover for the supposed letter from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo and Twitter to Theresa May needs to be placed in context. "Highly contentious" puts their position mildly. They are "between a...

April 18, 2013  9:36 AM

Anonymous Justice in the Internet Age

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
anonymous, bercow, Canada, cyberbullying, e-vigilantes, McAlpine, RCMP, twitter

I have just been sent a link to a story of how "Anonymous", whoever or whatever they are, "solved" a particularly nasty case of gang rape and cyberbullying...

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August 9, 2011  4:12 PM

Blackberry (not Twitter) versus Airwave for control of the streets

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
BlackBerry, riots, twitter

I have been correctly criticized for failing to point out that the Blackberry has been the fashion accessary of choice for "rappers", "elders" and their followers ever since it was used by Obama as his communications device of choice. Twitter is used...

August 7, 2011  2:02 PM

“Want to roll Tottenham to loot?” – the power of Twitter

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Eurim, looters, twitter

Acording to cover in the Daily Mail of the riots and looting in Tottenham and Wood Green,  Twitter was used to summon the under-classes on London to help...

May 30, 2011  9:08 AM

The age of internet innocence is dead: the slaughter of the twitterati

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Eurim, Identity governance, Information governance, twitter

What is the difference between South Tyneside Council and the Iranian Secret Police? South Tyneside uses californian lawyers instead of deep packet...

July 2, 2009  10:31 AM

Iranian democracy expires with a Tweet

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
censorship, iran, Search engines, twitter

The rapid extinction of Iran's bloggers and tweeters shows the vulnerability of any movement that relies on the Internet to help it seriously challenge a ruling elite. But a few years ago the fuel protesters came close to crippling the UK inside 72 hours, without intending to...

January 8, 2009  6:55 PM

The Top 10 Internet Scams for 2009

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
e-victims.org, Scams, twitter

"Rising unemployment and a global recession mean we expect to see a huge increase in e- victims this year" says Jennifer Perry, managing director of www.e-victims.org

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