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social inclusion

July 28, 2008  10:08 AM

Transforming Public Service Delivery: Let the People Speak

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Eurim, social inclusion, Successful Delivery

Yesterday I blogged on the government announcements that were "leaked" last week. Today an even more radical recommendation on how to help ensure successful transformation of the delivery of public services in the UK has a similarly low-key launch. The recommendation...

June 18, 2008  8:28 PM

Making public on-line services fit for society: the Bled Report

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Bled, European Commission, social inclusion

On May 15th I promised to blog again on the conclusions from the session I chaired at the European Commission workshop in Bled on social inclusion, ethics, the "forced" use of e-government...

May 15, 2008  11:13 AM

Usable by ordinary human beings: the route to e-inclusion

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
ethics, Morality, social inclusion

Most government on-line systems are inaccessible to most of those of those they are most intended to serve - was my personla summary of the of the introductory discussions at the EU workshop on Ethics and e-Inclusion that I attended on Monday. The consequences are not only unethical, they are...

May 1, 2008  12:42 PM

The immorality of putting the naive and vulnerable on-line

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
ethics, social inclusion

How ethical is it to try to persuade the socially-excluded and digitally naive to go on-line when you are not going to provide them with easy to use and secure access or keep the data they enter secure from predators, fraudsters or those who would use it to enforce the "honour" of the family, clan,...

November 9, 2007  3:04 PM

Targets drive wrong behaviour: People not Systems

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
social inclusion, targets

One of the "joys" of the on-line world is that you cannot be sick in peace. Having worked for months on the programme I was most annoyed to miss the first of the EURIM Transformational Dialogues, because I was laid low with a truly...

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