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May 17, 2017  1:43 PM

Ransomware plague exposes irrelevance of GDPR

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
"British Airways", Authentication, Brexit, Encryption, Fraud, GDPR, NHS, Ransomware, RBS, Resilience

The vulnerability of parts of the United Kingdom's National Health Service to a piece of not-very-sophisticated ransomware was, in no small part, a consequence of the current obsession with theĀ  priority given to the protection...

September 20, 2013  9:18 AM

The day the internet stopped – revisited

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Apple, Blackout, Edward Snowden, InternationalTelecommunicationUnion, Internet, ITU, Resilience, Security, Surveillance

Yesterday's comments on the problems some faced when downloading the new Apple Operating system provoked interesting comment in the Washington Post -

November 4, 2012  12:59 PM

Rebuilding Trust in the On-Line World

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
European Union, Hurricane Sandy, London, Resilience

The collapse of the Internet and of mobile phone networks as Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey mirrors that when Katrina hit New Orleans. Trust is earned by those who deliver whatever the circumstances. The struggles of

August 10, 2011  9:15 AM

Do the recent riots make a new business case for Cloud computing

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
arson, Cloud Computing, Communications, Lightning, Resilience, riots

In his blog on the impact or otherwise of the recent Cloud outages caused by lightning strikes in...

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April 1, 2010  12:32 PM

How many died when West London lost its networks?

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Eurim, fire, Resilience

As yet it is unclear how many lost their phone and broadband connections and for how long, as a result of the flood and fire at the Paddington exchange yesterday but it is reported to have affected over 400...

June 17, 2009  9:22 AM

Digital Britain – charge the Elephant not the dying donkey

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Google, Resilience

The Digital Britain Report contains much that is to be welcomed and it will be unfortunate if debate focuses on the weakest section: the proposals for funding the roll out of broadband, particularly the levy on the local loop. The Internet advertisers, who will benefit most appear...

February 27, 2008  9:03 AM

The day the Internet Stopped

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
censorship, Resilience

On July 4th 2008 the frogmen of the Global Privacy Alliance cut TATnn and Helvetica, removing 80% of currently operational Internet capacity between the United States and Europe. Simultaneously they struck PCn and PACnn, with similar effect on trans-Pacific capability ...

November 14, 2007  9:30 AM

How resilient is your infrastructure

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
gps, Ofcom, Resilience

Yesterday I received the following "Update" from Ofcom "New Ofcom notification service - advanced notice of possible interuption to Global Positioning Systems: The Ministry of Defence conduct occasional tests on military systems which may result in some loss...

September 20, 2007  8:07 AM

The missing ghost at the Party Conferences

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
botnets, Disaster Recovery, e-crime, Professionalism, Resilience

Over 400 delegates attended a fringe meeting addressed by the Secretaries of State for Trade and Industry (Patrick now Lord Jenkin) and Education and Science (Norman, now Lord Tebbit) on the critical importance of IT to the UK economy at the Conservative Party Conference in 1982. Over twenty IT...

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