When IT Meets Politics:


June 11, 2013  9:30 PM

DCMS Consultation to put Computer Programming alongside Music and the Performing Arts

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e-skills, Nesta, Professionalism, SEM

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November 22, 2012  10:05 AM

Good Data for Good Government – and plans for the Universal Credit

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Cabinet office, dwp, HMRC, ICAEW, information technology, Logica, PAYE, Professionalism, RTI, Universal Credit

Last night Stephen Timms addressed the IT Chapter of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. His audience was a mix of IT and Accounting Professionals, including members of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. Readers of this blog will know

May 29, 2010  9:32 AM

The need to be serious about restoring the image (and professionalism) of ICT

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ApComms, Cloud Computing, Eurim, Pitcom, Professionalism

Last year the spend on big IT systems in the UK dropped by over 5%, more in the private sector, over 8 - 9 % in financial services, manufacturing, mining and construction. More ICT staff (30%) had to accept pay cuts than the national average (27%). Local Authorities had to cut 10% of...

February 29, 2008  7:33 AM

Successful transformation needs more anarchy

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Fscebook, Professionalism, Social networking, Successful Delivery

A programme of RIOTS, projects that are "Relevant" and "Interactive" with user "Ownership" and "Trust" and that are "Sustainable" can succeed after Prince 2 has destroyed the will to live ...

February 11, 2008  9:30 AM

An Archbishop for the Internet Age

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Internet, Multiculturalism, Prmitivism, Professionalism, Social networking

The speach for which the Archbishop of Canterbury has been attacked goes to the heart of legal and cultural issues that have to be addressed if our globalised, multi-jursidictional, multi- cultural, global information society is to survive, let alone flourish.

February 6, 2008  9:18 AM

User centred like a laser guided bomb in Faluja

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There have been many recent events on the means of improving public sector project success rates but we have known the causes of failure and the pre-conditions for success for over thirty years. And still we make the same old boring mistakes.

January 14, 2008  6:17 PM

Action on Police Central E-Crime Unit in Top 500

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e-crime, Professionalism

This evening the Number 10 Website had 8,245 petitions, on all sorts of subject from the serious to the frivolous. That on e-Crime has now climbed out of the noise. It may have only 348 signatures: but what quality!

October 30, 2007  9:05 AM

Something Must Be Done

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cyberbullying, Professionalism

The Byron Review is an independent review of the risks to children from exposure to potentially harmful or inappropriate material on the internet and in video games. At this point the blogosphere will erupt with cries of "censorship" while...

October 27, 2007  9:31 AM

IT at the Party Conferences – Post Mortem

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politics, Professionalism

Apart from bad jokes, in which IT was synonymous with failure and/or coplexity and unreliabilty, there was almost no mention at any of the Party Conferences of the technologies that now underpin society at every level. More-over almost no-one from the IT industry attended - even though it...

September 20, 2007  8:07 AM

The missing ghost at the Party Conferences

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botnets, Disaster Recovery, e-crime, Professionalism, Resilience

Over 400 delegates attended a fringe meeting addressed by the Secretaries of State for Trade and Industry (Patrick now Lord Jenkin) and Education and Science (Norman, now Lord Tebbit) on the critical importance of IT to the UK economy at the Conservative Party Conference in 1982. Over twenty IT...

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