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October 28, 2013  6:20 PM

The United States wakes up to the need for Patent Reform

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Further to my blog on  the damage being done by US Patent Trolls to the on-line world I do commend this

September 13, 2013  5:29 PM

Terminate the patent trolls before they succeed in destroying the future of the Internet

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The levies paid by the developing world to US patent trolls helped secure the support of most of world (counting

April 9, 2013  2:49 PM

IPR Wars: who really are the heroes and villains, winners and losers?

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China, copyright, India, IPR, Patent, protection

I have regularly blogged on the theme of IPR wars over the past

June 28, 2012  7:30 PM

Why did the French (Minitel) not conquer the on-line world ?

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BBC, China, France, Minitel, Patent

My son has just e-mailed me a link to the BBC article on the final death of the Minitel . He asked if it really was that good. It was. It...

January 10, 2008  11:58 AM

I bet you missed these

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
consultation, copyright, ID cards, Patent, Smart Cards

Today is the deadline for submissions to the public consultation on the first "operational" ID Cards Pilot - alias "The Trial of Smart Card Provisional Driving Licenses for Wales". How many of you huffers and puffers miss such exercises?

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