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Edward Snowden

September 13, 2013  5:29 PM

Terminate the patent trolls before they succeed in destroying the future of the Internet

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The levies paid by the developing world to US patent trolls helped secure the support of most of world (counting

September 12, 2013  1:02 PM

The Internet’s Broken Promises – Is Balkanisation Inevitable?

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Bali, Balkanization, Edward Snowden, Google

In my previous blog I discussed the overall cost of US-based surveillance operations, including the commercial impact of Edward...

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June 29, 2013  9:23 AM

Comment from “Jim Prideaux” on my last blog

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
cyber-ghurka, cyberwarfare, Edward Snowden, GCHQ, Skills

I received the following comment by snail mail (he trusts nothing on-line and now has difficulty using a key pad, let alone touch screen) from "Jim Prideaux" in response to

June 28, 2013  5:03 PM

The winning theory: Snowden was employed by the NSA, FSB, GCHQ and Unit 61938 to protect budgets

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
e-skills, Edward Snowden, FSB, GCHQ, guardian, Ledaig, NSA, Prism

Now that the GCHQ and its allies have emerged successful from the spending review, I can reveal the front runner for the bottle of Ledaig for for the best conspiracy theory related to the PRISM story....

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