When IT Meets Politics:

March, 2014

March 29, 2014  8:14 PM

A Digital Strategy for Britain: let market forces replace crapband with a world class mesh.

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btgroup, Google, IBM

Boatrace_600 (2).jpgThe original definition of broadband was the bandwidth necessary to deliver broadcast quality video to the home by 2002....

March 27, 2014  6:41 PM

Correction: The Bletchley Crypto and Sigint operations were only 73% female

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Bletchley, Bombe, Careers, Collossus, CRYPTO, GCHQ, Information security, NSA, SIGINT, Women

My blog describing Bletchley as where "Women won the War" has, not surprisingly, come in for some flack, including the numbers. The "

March 24, 2014  12:10 PM

Google shows the NSA how to make surveillance socially acceptable – with a £30 TV Dongle

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Business, Google, Hotmail, Microsoft, Security

Do read the press cover on the launch of the new Google

March 24, 2014  7:31 AM

The internationalisation of the internet begins today

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Last week the US government formally announced that it was giving up control of the addressing system of the Internet.Yesterday I received the e-mail below from the Chief...

March 23, 2014  9:26 AM

Have you sold your on-line soul for a mess of potage?

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choice, privacy, Surveillance

See my next blog entry . It is not just smart TVs that require you to agree to global surveillance by you technology or service provider and those to whom they decide to provide...

March 10, 2014  12:49 PM

The Broadband Blue Tape Gambit: guest blog from Hamish Glenlivet

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BBC, Broadband, BT, Business, Glenlivet, Labour, Sky, SMEs, Ukraine, Virgin Media

Hamish Glenlivet (looking at the broadband scene through the bottom of a glass while waiting for a snail-mail attachment to download) drafted a response to tell me that my blog entry forecasting

March 8, 2014  12:48 PM

Agile is not enough, neither is “systems integration” – we need a new approach to Digital Government

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Agile, Cabinet office, Ebay, Facebook, HMRC, Universal Credit

John Alexander and I have been exchanging e-mails over my analysis of the tensions between Cabinet Office and the "Silos of State" over the way forward for the delivery of public services, including how much of the problem is technology and how much is using arguments over technology are proxies...

March 8, 2014  9:41 AM

What is the difference between John Wicks (expenses database) and Edward Snowden?

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
BDUK, Broadband, BT, censorship, Edward Snowden, Fabian, guardian, Ofcom, Orwell, Sky, Surveillance

I have just been asked the difference between John Wicks (the former anti-terrorism team leader who leaked the MPs expenses database to the Daily...

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March 5, 2014  10:30 AM

The social contract behind internet is broken and there is a conspiracy of silence

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Drum, Edward Snowden, GCHQ, guardian, PICTFOR, TCM, Webroot

The long overdue debate on policy towards the all-pervasive surveillance of our on-line activities is finally under way. On Monday morning the Shadow Home Secretary moved on from the "trust us"...

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March 4, 2014  10:17 AM

Is the great broadband logjam about to break? If so, who will be swept away?

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
4G, BDUK, btgroup, Dolphinholme, Gigaclear, glasgow, Hyperoptic, Virgin Media, Wifi

The weekend press cover for the impact of broadband on house prices came just days after DCMS updated its

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