When IT Meets Politics:

February, 2012

February 29, 2012  8:24 PM

Can you block a website? Or are there better ways of addressing undesirable content?

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
cybersecurity, deep packet inspection, Eurim, European Commission

Over the past year we have seen mounting calls for Internet Traffic to be filtered in order to improve cybersecurity, protect intellectual property, tackle terrorism or ensure children are not exposed to adult content.  The success of the 0 Comments     RSS Feed     Email a friend

February 19, 2012  10:05 AM

Comment on “Who is trying to join up the policies? Who would you trust to do so?”

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Accenture, DeLorean, ICL-DTI

February 16, 2012  9:13 AM

Will superfast broadband meet the needs of our “bandwidth hungry” nation?

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
April, BDUK, Broadband, committee, DCMS, government, House, Subsidy

It is time to stop whinging in private about what DCMS and/or BDUK are doing or not doing and make your views known. You have just over three weeks in which to open the doors and windows and shed light on the murky arguments about demand, funding, state aid,...

February 14, 2012  5:53 PM

“Please review your billing agreement” – Paypal does it better

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo

This morning I received one of the many impressive scams doing the rounds. I might have fallen for it save that two copies, almost but not quite identical, arrived a few minutes apart. I looked up the Action Fraud website for reporting spam and...

February 12, 2012  7:50 PM

Will 2012 see the end of the Cold War over Intellectual Property Rights?

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Cabinet office, China, India, Intellectual property, law, PICTFOR

From the European demonstrations against ACTA  and copyright to arguments on Open Software and patent the quiet Cold War over digital intellectual property rights (whether software or content) is hotting up. In the UK it...

February 9, 2012  1:01 PM

Who is trying to join up the policies – PSN, BDUK, Cybersecurity, Big Society, etc?

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
BDUK, CPNI, DCMS, local government, PSN, Public sector, Whitehall, Y2K

I have just been browsing the Guardian Computing debate last week on "Can problems with the PSN be overcome?" and was struck by one of the comments -

February 4, 2012  9:41 AM

Towards the Big Information Society or “Power to the people”

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo

February 3, 2012  11:54 AM

A great opportunity to create a merged UK Infrastructure Ministry

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
BDUK, Business, DCMS, DECC, Funds, investing, Whitehall

The resignation of Chris Huhne offers a great opportunity to bring together the Departments of Energy and Transport and add in Communications which has been lost in the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (now almost totally pre-occupied with the run up to the Olympics)  as a Department...

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