When IT Meets Politics:

November, 2008

November 30, 2008  9:44 AM

The future of DNA based security clearance?

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
BOMP, CICS, E-Immodium, KTN, McColo, Wetware

"A Fine Balance", the joint conference of four Knowledge Transfer Networks in Thursday provided an excellent update on the current state of "privacy enhancing technologies". When I introduced the Earl of  Erroll I made the point that the Lord High Constable of Scotland was...

November 26, 2008  11:57 AM

McColo and the lessons for effective Internet Governance

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
BT, Google, IGF, Information governance, McColo, Microsoft, Spamhaus

A speaker at the EURIM Directors Round Table on Information Governance this week sharply criticised the use of the "fetish" word governance in place of "accountability". We use debate about structures...

November 22, 2008  7:30 AM

Bringing forward the recovery: 2) Tax Free Training.

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo

Recession is a time to catch up on maintenance and training. Slump is a time for radical change in order to survive. That means you will need a very different skills mix when recovery comes. But so will everyone else. You will go down in the competition for the new skills. The same is true for...

November 21, 2008  4:45 PM

How can you help shorten the slump? 1) Smarter Public Procurement

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Intellect, Socitm

Reviews and postponements of big public sector ICT projects are politically popular but are now hitting industry cash flows hard. When spend restarts ministers will almost certainly wish to follow private sector good practice with incremental, rapid payback projects within...

November 19, 2008  10:33 PM

European ISP gives lifeline to spammers and botnet herders

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
MColo, Spam

A follow up story in the Washington Post today entitled "Answers trickle out as spammer nettowrks remain comptromised" concludes: "On Saturday McColo briefly reconnected its Web...

November 15, 2008  11:57 AM

Washington Post slashes US spam after Internet Community fails

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Eurim, McColo

Within an hour of receiving a dossier from Brian Krebs,a Washington Post staff writer, McColo, which supposedly hosted 75% of the US spam operators was taken off air...

November 11, 2008  2:35 PM

Who do you trust – on-line or off?

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Electronic voting, MPS, trust

The Committee on Standards in Public Life has just published its latest Survey of public attitudes towards conduct in public life . Do read it, not just the extracts. Then read the Register on 

November 6, 2008  11:13 PM

It was the Internet wot wun it : lessons from the US election

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
DCLG, Eurim, Hibbings, obama

How much difference did the Internet really make to the US election?  And how much of what they did would be illegal in the UK? - for example the massive, but also untraceable, donations to...

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November 1, 2008  7:08 PM

Do Digital Diapers Deter Data Diarrhoea?

Philip Virgo Profile: Philip Virgo
Barnardos, Eunoia, Eurim, Government Gateway, Information governance, PGP, Wetware

The shut down of the Government Gateway after an apparent compromise may influence your response to the

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