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Oct 31 2007   11:54AM GMT

Happy Halloween to ghosts, goblins and geeks everywhere!

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[Photo credit: Noel Dickover]

Ah, All Hallows Eve has come around again, though the holiday is being celebrated with costume-clad kiddies collecting candy and pumpkin-brew besotted co-eds in these parts, as opposed to the bonfires of Samhain, the celebration end of the harvest that is the ancient ancestor to to Halloween.

In honor of the holiday, we’ve opened the Vault of Tech Terror up again and added a new Halloween tech trivia quiz to the archives. We made the Word of the Day zombie army. And we asked our readers the following three questions:

1) Should you ever travel to Hades, you’ll have to get by this three-headed dog, the namesake of a secure method for authenticating a request for a service in a computer network.What’s the secret word?

2) This underworld denizen is also a program or process that is dormant until a certain condition occurs, when it’s summoned up to do its processing. Is it a(n):
a. demon
b. zombie
c. troll
d. ogre

3) You might see “RIP” on a gravestone, but your network depends on it for managing router information within a corporate LAN. What does RIP stand for (other than, of course, “Rest in Peace”)?

We’re not the only ones celebrating the holiday in fine techie fashion. Wired, for instance, has a marvelous gallery of geek-o-lanterns, including the Death Star pictured above, carved by one Noel Dickover. (Hawkeyes, beware: Iowa has begun taxing jack-o-lanterns, geeky or not.)If you’re stuck for ideas for dressing up, Chris Pirillo came up with five costumes for geeks: Steve Jobs, an iPhone, Chris Crocker, the Blue Screen of Death or the FreeBSD Demon. BBspot does him six better, with 11 more costume ideas for geeks, including a personal favorite: a 1G iPod Nano “complete with scratches and class action suit.” Heh.

CNET has a gallery of frequently hilarious ways to geek out this Halloween as well.

Christopher Null, over at Yahoo Tech, has his own list of the best geek costumes, including the TRON guy and an exploding Sony battery.

Brent Evans did a great geeky Halloween costume roundup as well, including Lego bricks, a working PacMan costume, Rubix cubes and the Wii-mote. Nicely done! He also links to the Wired Flickr photo pool of techie costumes.

Browsing through the lists, its not hard to notice a decidedly male-tinge to the selections. For the ladies out there, here’s a top 10 list of the best Halloween costume ideas for girls. Along with Trinity, Sarah Connor, Princess Leia and Ripley, she offers up Ada Byron Lovelace. Well played! I loved the Matrix, Terminator, Star Wars and Alien, to be sure, but true geek-cred goes to anyone dressing up as the first computer programmer.

I’m vaguely surprised by the lack of a Bluetooth fairy out there.

Halloweenforgeeks.com has a ton of DIY projects for anyone that wants to upgrade the normal porch offerings of carved pumpkins and spiderwebs. If you just want off the shelf geeky gizmos to make the holiday howl and friends freak out, PseudoMart.com has a great list of techie toys for Halloween.

Finally, if you’re swamped with work and haven’t been able to pull together a costume, you can always print out your own Halloween mask. Thanks, Lifehacker! Now THAT’s geeky.

Have fun out there!

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