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February, 2009

February 13, 2009  7:47 PM

Monitoring VMware snapshot deletion progress

Eric Siebert Eric Siebert Profile: Eric Siebert

A recent KnowledgeBase article from VMware describes a method to monitor the snapshot deletion process which can take a long time if the snapshot has been active for a while. When you delete snapshots using the VMware Infrastructure...

February 9, 2009  9:23 PM

VMware ESX storage: How to get local storage to act as a raw disk for VMs

Texiwill Edward Haletky Profile: Texiwill

VMTN Communities forum users have recently been asking how to make use of a LUN or partition on your local host within a virtual machine (VM) the same way you would if you had a SAN available. This is a more difficult task than some, and not every RAID controller allows this when using the VMware...

February 9, 2009  7:47 PM

Defragmenting virtual machine disk files

Eric Siebert Eric Siebert Profile: Eric Siebert

There's an ongoing debate about whether or not VMware users should defragment virtual machine disks. We’ll answer this question in two parts: the first part will cover virtual machine (VM) disks inside a guest operating system. The second part will cover VM disks outside of a guest operating...

February 9, 2009  3:39 PM

Using live CDs with virtual machines

Eric Siebert Eric Siebert Profile: Eric Siebert

Live CDs are bootable CD/DVD images that contain an operating system that you can boot from to perform various tasks on a server. When you boot from a live CD, the operating system from the server does not load. Instead the live CD operating system loads, allowing you access to the server's file...

February 5, 2009  7:59 PM

New VMware ESX v3.5 U3 vulnerabilities

Texiwill Edward Haletky Profile: Texiwill

There is a new vulnerability in VMware ESX v3.5 U3 with all the patches that has just come to light. VMware has been made aware of this issue, and will fix it sometime in the near future. This bug relates to world writable directories on the VMware ESX service console. This is not a huge issue...

February 5, 2009  5:35 PM

Avoid disk space problems; monitor your snapshots

Eric Siebert Eric Siebert Profile: Eric Siebert

In a VMware snapshot series I wrote a few months ago (How VMware snapshots work, Deleting virtual machine...

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