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August 22, 2008  4:51 PM

Be a catalyst for inherent quality and value

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For the conscious ones out there who enjoy a good wisdom flash, may you somehow be a catalyst for spreading inner joy (quality) and inner peace (value) within interactions and interrelated products, services and mechanisms. For those who may be interested in a bit of reading perhaps listen in for the inside scoop about how some companies hire top talent. Whether you’re a CQO, CIO or everyday IT or Business Pro, may you have a wonderful weekend that is intrinsically and pervasively blessed with inner peace and inner joy.

August 19, 2008  6:15 PM

No. 1 destination for companies looking to outsource their green IT data centers

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Thinking Green IT? Iceland it seems is; as Iceland apparently wants to become No. 1 for companies looking to outsource their green IT data centers. Enjoy a new Internet Evolution video.

What plans do you have to improve quality that inherently may help your organization, other organizations and the world in general?

August 15, 2008  9:06 PM

At the heart of managing people well

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Respect in the workplace is paramount to increasingly growing collective interpersonal and other skills at all levels. In every direction it (respect) is therefore vital and fundamental to increasingly building good management, healthy workplaces and ultimately an increasingly better society. Manifestations of abuse of power, objectionable conduct directed towards another, attempts to intimidate or humiliate, are surely unhealthy behaviors that can create a hostile and offensive environment, workplace and world. Vital to all interactions and the growth of a positive society are therefore respectful communications. Ideally all throughout the world increasingly recognize this and do their best to give positive energy to others to help all develop their social and other skills and feel increasingly secure. Ideally all can try better to not make attempts to diminish the capable people around them. There is no value in doing so or in subjecting someone to unjustified criticism, or in attempting to humiliate another in front of others. Ignoring, overruling, isolating and excluding someone who has value will not help you, the organization or the world in the long run. Ideally each person can increasingly see this, catch themselves and others before it is too late and do something positive to help ensure that every person has the necessary access and visibility into matters pertinent to them so every person can have greater potential to be their best so they in turn can do their best to try to help others to be their best. There is no value in setting someone up for failure by giving them unrealistic goals and deadlines, by denying necessary information and resources, or by overloading them or by taking away all or some of their work and perhaps replacing it with something demeaning. Equally in the final analysis it is not good practice to increase someone’s responsibility while removing or limiting the appropriate and necessary authority. Given that it is a misdirected need that controls others, and that ultimately drives attempts to intimidate, ideally the world continually works towards finding better balance (for example between governance and empowerment). Ideally all increasingly see that there is a compelling case for unending work in positive directions which aim to help create environments with innate characteristics for greater peace, joy, fun and productivity that among other allow for better decision making, reduced risks, and greater benefits for all.  Replacing fear with understanding, compassion and caring may not always be easy, but ideally we all get better at trying to do so, as at the heart of managing people well and ensuring greater dimensions of intrinsic and pervasive value are such qualities which inherently tie into increasingly trying to show each other better and better, Respect.

August 13, 2008  6:49 PM

Inner career power, heartfelt integrity

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According to Robbins, people stay in unsatisfying careers because they’re afraid of moving forward and feeling unqualified, but he says fear is just undirected imagination.

What have you found works to propel your career?

Perhaps this works for you: being humble, not saying you deserve something, deepening your understanding of relationship marketing, and promoting what you do best based on your heartfelt integrity. Perhaps by consciously changing your thoughts, you will begin to see major changes taking place in your life (perhaps by attending a Dr. Wayne Dyer life-changing workshop, perhaps in Tampa or Maui).

Perhaps what works for you when you reach a point of contention, is not insisting that you are right, but instead ensuring all more so can benefit by the inherent qualities and goodness that each person can bring to help find a pathway to a positive mutually beneficial solution.

If you have an inner career power secret, such as heartfelt integrity, feel free to share it with others (perhaps like Robbins and Dyer do). Thank you for doing so.

August 8, 2008  3:36 PM

Framework revised 2008; is it helping, or can it?

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Perhaps the 2008 revision of MOF can help improve the inherent quality of your organization, for example perhaps relative to service management functions associated with Business and IT alignment, IT Governance, Compliance and Risk Management.

As noted within MOF’s 5.1 GRC SMF document, certainly this is true…

“Governance, risk, and compliance are potentially far-reaching and interwoven activities that require participation by everyone in the organization”

If you have not already, perhaps do some related reading and thinking. Feel free to also share whether the revision has been a help to your organization, or whether you believe it can be in the future. Thank you for doing so.

Have a great weekend.

August 7, 2008  4:31 PM

Love to hear from an active OOP developer or two

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Perhaps you have grown to appreciate the style of the Word of the Day crew at WhatIs.Com. Perhaps you have also grown to appreciate the style of programming known as OOP. Did you think a model organized around objects rather than actions (and data rather than logic) would ever reach its current level of popularity? Of the related languages that exist in the modern world, what do you consider to be your favorite or best friend and why? What inherent qualities of your favorite do you like most? What innate characteristic of quality has it helped you produce? Is Ruby your favorite, “A dynamic, interpreted, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity”? Love to hear from an active OOP developer to two. Thanks in advance.

August 1, 2008  4:01 PM

Global embedding of good practice

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By now you’ve likely at least heard of ITILv3 and CobiT4.1. You may in fact be making related plans in your organization. What about PSP BOK Version 1.0 (August 2005, since revised and released March 26, 2008)? As more and more read 5.1 and other parts, will commonsense principles become more embedded globally? Will reading and applying the document help overcome problems innately within a young profession that potentially has the most pervasive influence within the modern world? It just may be that real quality does exist and that it must increasingly become inherent within each of us, within all interactions, within that which we use, create and imagine. Intrinsically the critical component of continued forward progress just may be each of us increasingly partaking in good personal practices and positive collaborations.

July 25, 2008  4:46 PM

Watch these fun videos and give thought to upcoming events

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It may be said that it is good to have 100% network availability. It may also be said that it is nice to choose when to relax, step away from the computer and perhaps enjoy the outdoors. Have a nice weekend. Hope you enjoy the videos (and give thought to the related site, results and future plans). Hope you also give thought to the upcoming Earth Hour. This post takes no credit. Inherent quality today and in the future is largely you, and thanks to you. Keep making things better. Thanks for doing so.

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July 24, 2008  9:20 PM

Read this fun look at a serious topic (network availability)

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Looking for an enjoyable, funny, colorful post to read? Try this one! Although the topic is based on something fairly serious (Internet down!!!), it is an enjoyable read simply because of the fun way in which it is written (nice job Nicole!). Also enjoyed was a particular comment which referred to this fun site, It’s A Wonderful Internet (nice research find Asad!). Perhaps some readers of VIIP remember this post which is about a movie with a similar title. Perhaps some remember this post which contains serious numbers in terms of what a single hour of outage means to particular industries (millions per hour!!!).

Has your organization had a network outage recently?

If so feel free to share how long you were down, whether you and others accomplished objectives for the day regardless, and whether you or someone somehow tried to make a positive difference in the day for others regardless. Ideally some good came to the day. Ideally appropriate thanks was plentiful for the inherent quality brought to the day, or the risk management practiced, which allowed objectives to be accomplished regardless of the network unavailability.

July 23, 2008  4:40 PM

Is the Business attitude toward IT improving in your organization?

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The business attitude toward IT is generally improving in many organizations. Is it in yours?

For a few things that may help you inherently improve quality and value (and the business attitude toward IT), you may like to visit this CIO Briefing on It contains ITIL case studies, product overviews and articles on related trends, strategies, execution, tools and technologies behind the scenes of successful ITIL utilization. You may also like to visit this interesting piece on that is associated with a Forrester Research survey; particularly if you are wondering whether it may be better for the CIO to report to the CFO or the CEO.

July 21, 2008  8:48 PM

The relationship between CobiT and Val IT

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A quick post to share awareness…

There is some potential interesting reading in Volume 3 2008 of CobiT Focus. Articles in the July issue include one on the relationship between CobiT and Val IT; and another on IT Risk Management. There are more however. You can view the newsletter here.

July 21, 2008  3:57 PM

If pro athletes earn millions, perhaps IT Pros should also (some already are; read more)

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In a world where quality must increasingly become a shared responsibility, perhaps you can say that Security is in My Job Description. Perhaps you can say other things are too. Perhaps you can say there are a million reasons to be a CQO and therefore to be a help to the CIO. For those who work hard at supporting the CIO, perhaps reading this will interest you: Who wants to be a CIO Millionaire?

July 20, 2008  10:50 PM

A robot doing what is ultimately best

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As noted within the book Inherent Quality Simplicity, our universe has bots and robots which in society’s future may be in every business and home as elements or extensions of us. This is perhaps a reason why it is important for positive energy to grow, flow and be elevated within all interactions and creations. To get an idea of a potential future (for example: i) when a robot may appear bad although it is following its directives and therefore doing what its creators thought was best; ii) when a robot may appear good, and more humanlike (?), although it overrode its directive to determine and do what seems ultimately best), perhaps watch the movie associated with the trailer below. This post takes no credit (hats off to the creative people at Disney and Pixar for the fun movie; official site here).

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

July 18, 2008  10:16 PM

Quality blogging

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Sharing awareness of a couple of new Quality related blogs: Quality Assurance and Project Management; Managing Software Development and QC/QA. Welcome aboard Jaideep and Zohair; look forward to reading your posts as well as related comments by others.

Help evolve quality and value towards being increasingly intrinsic and pervasive. Thank you for doing so.

July 12, 2008  7:26 PM

Online sales, imagine

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

More than 17 million people per month use NexTag to research, compare, and save on products and services online. Imagine what you may be able to generate in online revenue, perhaps even from a simple ball cap.

This post takes no credit for the accomplishments of Hurley or NexTag. It does however share awareness and encourages you to think about possibilities for the future. You can achieve anything. This includes online sales.

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