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September 7, 2008  10:18 PM

Technology, Software, Respect, Openness and Collaboration

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If you’re thinking about the prior post perhaps you feel that: one common inherent quality of organizations is technology; one opportunity to enhance the inherent quality of many organizations is improved software; on a top-three list of what does or will ensure inherent quality as associated with our world and the IT profession would be respect, openness and collaboration. For each of the 3 items mentioned in the prior post there could be several types of positive responses, each inherently containing value. Give the items thought and eventually write a related comment or post. Thank you for doing so.

September 7, 2008  3:58 PM

Ideally you respond to these 3 items via a positive comment

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  • Share one characteristic you feel is a common existing inherent quality of organizations.
  • Share one opportunity you feel could enhance the inherent quality of many organizations.
  • Share a top-three list of what you believe does or will help ensure inherent quality as associated with our world and the IT profession.

Ideally you respond to the above 3 items via a positive comment (while trusting in your nature and inner wisdom, while seeing yourself as connected to everyone in the universe, and while doing your best to bring goodness to the path to help further ensure it is inherent within a collective journey). With hope for your cooperation, thank you in advance.

September 7, 2008  1:17 PM

Renewed hope for inspiration, imagination and dedication

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Looking back (e.g. potentially on billions of years since the earth was formed), and then looking forward to the future (e.g. to 2020 and beyond), perhaps you feel that open minds and doors that let in and increase things like awareness and stewardship have great potential to produce ingenuity successfully converted into better realities. Perhaps you also feel that by further enabling collaboration (e.g., between David and Goliath, or between individuals and large organizations), there can be renewed hope for inspiration, imagination and dedication to increasingly flourish.

Looking within the emerging formalized global IT profession, what innately do you see has the greatest potential to advance the quality of life for the global community?

September 7, 2008  8:15 AM

Progressively moving towards improved quality of life for all within the global community

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Can the Internet help to enable a better world? Can it help to improve collective consciousness, positively alter egos and awaken souls to increasingly help towards achieving higher purposes? Can continued study of the essential complexity of simple systems extend the enlightenment capability of any object? Can exploring more closely to the edge increase the number of everyday heroes who share positive ideas? The questions you’ve just read were derived from a few quotes from the edge that were noted in VIIP near the start of 2008. Counting the current month, there are only four months remaining in the year and then it will be time for the official launch of a major milestone for the global IT profession. You can read more on this on various web pages, including this July 2, 2008 Exchange Morning Post. There is also mention August 2008 within ITACOnline. A quote from the latter that you may also find interesting is indented in italics.

The ITAC IT Heroes Program was created to give recognition to men, women and organizations that have employed technology to improve the quality of life of their communities.

As more increasingly explore within and pervasively, perhaps more will discover their higher purpose. Perhaps as more do this it will increasingly become easier to identify and share what may want one to increasingly want to be good. Perhaps understanding the latter will enable greater collective compassion.

From compassion can come passion… do what only you can to help find, share and elevate opportunities towards improving the quality of life for all within the global community. Thank you for doing so.

September 6, 2008  2:36 PM

Help beam positive forward progress

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Perhaps you agree that sound principles are often inherent where increasingly continual successes exist. Perhaps you feel that outside the box thinking is more possible and meaningful when understanding is more so increased inside. Perhaps on your journey to help towards evolving quality inwards, upwards and pervasively you encountered a 2005 article entitled Thinking Inside the Box. Perhaps particularly enjoyed was reading the author’s words in response to a particular comment (for example a response that essentially said Thanks, and then said that there are certainly many sources of wisdom and that we’d all benefit by introducing them into the software environment).

The notion of inherent quality is centuries old. It belongs to no one individual and all can contribute to its evolution. As volumes of material, analysis and opinion increasingly flow into and from the domains of IT and Software, ideally the world will experience quality, value, excellence, simplicity and wisdom forever made more so intrinsic and pervasive. As minds increasingly become open to creatively maturing and innovatively embedding the notion of inherent quality, ideally a positive global mindset increasingly enables greater and greater achievement for all that is for the betterment of all.  Look within and help beam positive forward progress. Thank you for doing so.

September 5, 2008  5:24 PM

Discover your inner leader

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If you are interested in potential means to help discover your inner leader you may be interested in a recent post within the blog, TotalCIO: Collaboration, Information and Opinion (more here).

Leaders can be made and not simply born, discover your inner leader, and help others to discover theirs. Thank you for doing so. 

September 3, 2008  4:48 PM

Kindness goes a long way

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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Mother Teresa

Kindness goes a long way (and you may say it is an intrinsic and pervasive quality). With each kind word and each act of kindness (for example from smiles to websites including ones like, the world will inherently become a better and better place. Thank you for each and every positive step you take… and help to create.

PS: Suzmonster your comment was very much appreciated. Thank You : )

September 2, 2008  7:38 PM


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Sharing a few words that may help when attempting to inspire others… iRealize.

This post takes no credit for iRealize however encourages you to realize your value, and to increasingly help others to realize theirs. Thank you for doing so.

August 30, 2008  12:07 AM

How do you inspire desire and confidence?

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To reduce (or perhaps to ideally eliminate) risk from some perspective, or at some level, how do you inspire desire and confidence within C-levels and youth so that all more so say “I want to, and I can” increasingly be a catalyst and collaborative contributor to increasingly enhancing social responsibility from some dimension within the universe, our world, an organization, an individual, or perhaps even a product or service?

Organizational structure, processes, values, vision and behaviors may be among contributors to a culture for continual learning, employability skills development, knowledge transfer-development-management and on-going capability maturing; extending a positive mindset for ever increasing inherent quality is however the key to increasingly moving all to help towards a brighter and brighter future for the global community.

Find your purpose. Realize your value. Realize that you can help make a positive difference. Answer the question below and beam value inherently, intrinsically and pervasively, into the future. Thank you for doing so.

How do you inspire desire and confidence in others to exemplify goodness, and achieve greatness for their benefit and the benefit of all?

Enable Passion and Achievement to ever increasing degrees of quality, value, excellence and simplicity. Thank you for doing so.

August 28, 2008  5:13 PM

Research Assistant, Research This… Thank you for doing so.

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A comprehensive list of ways IT can be a help to practicing and increasing what Corporate Social Responsibility fully means.

This post will be submitted to in response to their 8-28-2008 email entitled “Let us research an IT topic for you”. An excerpt from the email is indented.

Celebrate Labor Day by letting us do the labor

Great would be a related reply in the form of a comment with a link to information that will help any number of people or organizations enhance the application of corporate social responsibility, intrinsically and pervasively, from various perspectives (to for example perhaps help our world and all within be increasingly wiser, more peaceful, healthier and wealthier).

What does or can Corporate Social Responsibility really mean and how can IT be a catalyst for related progress?

August 26, 2008  6:49 PM

GanttHead: The CIOs First 30 Days, Part I

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If you are interested in exploring strategy shaping areas of being a new CIO, you may like to see this. Each installment will apparently present a series of questions (and answers) that may help influence direction when establishing a foundation for success. The related reading may for example help with: building peer constituencies and assessing perceptions; assessing the IT organization – culture, talent, infrastructure & maturity; assessing service levels – satisfaction, issues and complexities. For a couple of prior VIIP posts related to GanttHead see i, ii. This post takes no credit, simply shares awareness of some potentially interesting reading.

August 26, 2008  3:56 PM

What drives you towards staying with your employer?

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Applying a positive spin to the quote below, it may be that good people stay with good employers because of things like having a good boss and work/life balance. What drives you towards staying with your employer?

Results from the recent salary survey show that 30% of survey respondents left their last job due to “dissatisfaction with management.” This beat out company downsizings or mergers (18%), a change in a role or position (15%) or work/life balance (14%).

August 25, 2008  10:42 PM

Value judgments, cost trade-offs, human factors, trends, market strengths and timing

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In today’s world what commonalities may make the daily decisions of a software manager similar to those of a movie producer? In today’s world is it true that 75% of all software projects at Fortune 500 companies fail, that 33% are cancelled and that twice as many exceed budget by over 200%? The IBM Rational Software Developer Conference sounds like it may have been interesting based on Grady’s June 12 blog postings in the handbook of software architecture. If not already registered for IBM TV you can do so here and perhaps watch some of the noted conference keynote videos or R-Heroes episodes. Perhaps the quality that is inherently associated will help you beam some value intrinsically and pervasively to others within and external to your organization. 

August 25, 2008  7:16 PM

Inspire confidence in each person to be contributors to continually improving quality, inherently

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As evolution ideally moves all towards an increasingly more perfect world perhaps there will be less and less cause for insurance. Accept perhaps in relation to risks that may be innate to research and development activities which attempt to enable further progress. By the time a product or service has left the R&D domain, and becomes applied and made use of by the public, ideally any residual risk is visibly stated on the product or within product documentation. Today’s world is better at this than was the case in the past. In the future the world must become better at this increasingly. In an apparent contradictory fashion (within sciences, perhaps even computer science languages, and in economics and in various other aspects of business and life) making quality increasingly more so inherent (or increasingly occurring more so inherently), means recognizing a dichotomy that seeks both to prevent and enable change, and in so doing aims to ensure both managed consistency and managed improvement. Accepting that change is a requirement of improvement, increasingly enhancing the inherent quality management of your organization and the world (such as by advocating the implementation, creative maturing and continually innovative (embedded) application of a mindset that grows assurances, controls, and improvements intrinsically and pervasively from all perspectives), will increasingly mean all helping to enhance quality decisions to enable continually better balance from various perspectives including relative to business empowerment, IT governance, and ultimately public good. All connected to software, technology and information must increasingly come together to continually help from various perspectives to make things better. Thank you for doing so.

Thank you for recognizing that risks in the world today require each of us to be an inspiration in some positive way in order to inspire the continual enablement of the confidence of each person to be contributors to knowledge transfer, development and management in order for there to increasingly be higher and higher collective intelligence, imagination, wisdom, quality, value, excellence, simplicity, and goodness.

August 24, 2008  12:45 PM

Inherent to risk oriented successes, you may find a connection to inspiration

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It may be new to you to see risk and inspiration in the same sentence. It may also be new to you to think risk can be good, particularly if you believe that in a perfect world risk should not exist. As a catalyst for continual improvement you may understandably like to have capability increasingly matured in every respect so risk is progressively replaced with greater dimensions of innate quality and value. With each milestone you achieve, remember that quality is not a destination but an unending journey of pure potentiality. Along the journey you and your organization may decide that a particular level of quality is acceptable at a particular juncture. In the same manner you and your organization may decide at particular junctures that a particular level of risk may be too. In any event ideally the continually evolving balance between Risk Management and Quality Management somehow inherently grows inspiration to further enable progress and to overcome obstacles whether associated with Business, IT or other aspects of quality of life. While this post takes no credit, ideally you find bits of inspiration within this webpage (such as in relation to a new Brandt video, Risk).

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