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September 21, 2008  11:11 AM

Green, Fiction or Fact

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When determining Green fact or fiction there may be value to looking in on what Gartner has to say, or in digging through an ITtoolbox CIO Knowledge Base, or in exploring BusinessInnovation and what may be included for “using IT as a catalyst to succeed”, or in using a calculator (e.g., perhaps from Nortel) to determine your possible energy efficiency savings, or in reading a free report within ITBusinessEdge, or in various ways to exploring GreenerComputing and “resources for environmentally responsible computing”.

In the past number of months of the current year has your Green movement (IT and corporate in general) made significant progress? For example perhaps progress relative to discerning Green fact from fiction. Ideally your efforts (and the efforts of many including hardware and other vendors) will increasingly bring about improved clarity and positive results that are progressively and continually more intrinsic and pervasive before, by and beyond 2020.

Thank you for all you do; and for helping the world increasingly become one on matters of high purpose. Green IT and beyond!

Earlier this year, Garner Inc. highlighted 10 key predictions that would affect IT and business decisions in 2008 and beyond. Three of the items on the list were:

  • “By 2009, more than one-third of IT organizations will have one or more environmental criteria in their top six buying criteria for IT-related goods.”
  • “By 2010, 75 percent of organizations will use full lifecycle energy and CO2 footprint as mandatory PC hardware buying criteria.”
  • “By 2011, suppliers to large global enterprises will need to prove their green credentials via an audited process to retain preferred supplier status.” 1


September 21, 2008  12:51 AM

The positive affect IT is having and increasingly can have

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When you look within the progress of your IT vendors (database, application, hardware or other) it is likely you will see them striving in one regard or another to make a world of difference. For example perhaps see this 2006 piece about OpenWorld, or this 2006 news as part of Oracle Global Volunteer Days, or coming closer to the present see this piece about the Volunteer Days in 2007 or this page about Oracle Corporate Citizenship.

The positive affect IT is having and increasingly can have on intrinsically and pervasively evolving quality and quality of life around the world is endless and some may even say virtually miraculous. To Oracle, and all within the IT Industry, who continually strive to make the world a better place, Thank You for all you do. Inherently your quality and your contributions to what quality increasingly can mean on a global scale, are the key.

September 20, 2008  9:02 PM

Eco-Innovation and the Internet

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Perhaps you remember this VIIP post; well recently on the EcoInnovator Blog the founder of Better Place said the time is right for electric vehicles. Perhaps you think it soon may be, and perhaps you may also be interested in reviewing videos on the Corporate EcoForum (for example, perhaps one entitled “Engaging Employees and Creating an Eco-Innovation Culture”).

The future will increasing be brighter thanks to the efforts of many. This post takes no credit however does applaud the continual progress that can increasingly be found inherent to the Internet.

September 20, 2008  12:13 PM

The way of Leadership and ensuring the success

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Learn to better know the way by looking within and trusting self and others. Leaders can stand back and shift from control and entitlement to radical humility in order to more so respect, reward and empower the team so they say, “We ensured quality, inherently” and actually do. However it may be that it is important even for leaders (or perhaps especially for leaders) to internalize, with foresight, that standing too far in the background may not always be best. People may need to see you periodically to be reassured that you care, have awareness, provide valuable insight and are inherently part of the team as one of the key contributors to success.

You may not find the coach on the ice during the game, but you typically see them with the team during the big game, and often on the ice in practice sessions leading to the big game. The GM and other management may not be immediately in view of the players during practices or games; however are likely catching parts of the action while thinking about what may be needed to increasingly ensure the success of the business.

It may be that teams gearing up to brainstorm on potential improvements may like to whiteboard on enhancements associated with the six W’s of Leadership… who, what, when, where, why and the way (i.e. the how). Something to think about perhaps while you prepare to increasingly learn about and be a contributor to the evolution of a profession and its interrelated possibilities for ensuring the success of business, and in general improvements to the quality of life throughout the global community.

September 20, 2008  9:53 AM

Learning about and contributing to the evolution of a profession

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Learning to better know, share and contribute to the evolution of the IT profession is important. As the world gains greater dimensions of awareness all will increasingly see and become greater contributors to shaping the realities of a continually improved future that innovatively and progressively enhances quality of life for all.

The IT Industry is embarking on a global change which has the pure potentiality to have quality (value, excellence and simplicity) increasingly be intrinsic and pervasive.

This blog takes no credit for the innate nature and characteristics of the on-going quality movement; it simply encourages you to increasingly be one with continually making things better. Thank you for doing so.

September 19, 2008  11:46 PM

Governance, Peace, Energy and Talent

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Teams gearing up for a bit of brainstorming may like to warm-up with a few videos, for example perhaps on Governance, Peace, Energy and Talent. Globally from various quality perspectives, which of the latter four noted potential topics do you inherently think is most important?

This blog takes no credit for the noted videos, simply shares awareness.

September 15, 2008  10:02 PM

Balanced approach will evolve, embedded in the culture

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Inside the prior VIIP post, innately within the “e.g.” provided for “reports” you may find the following words (and a reference to SOX) interesting. In general you may enjoy browsing through the entire report.

Qatar is serious about ensuring a high quality of corporate governance

It is likely that a balanced approach will evolve, with greater emphasis on governance and internal controls embedded in the culture of multinational organizations

See “All is in check” page 237, article by Tim Wells, PricewaterhouseCoopers-Qatar

September 15, 2008  4:12 PM

Knowledge is…

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It has been said (e.g., see today’s message from Neale Donald Walsch) that one should not avoid hearing, or even studying, others points of view; and that you will benefit more from looking into such deeply with an open mind and not cynically.

I have learned that in order to fully see another world, you must experience it, and to appreciate your own world, you must understand that of others. — Jody Beth Lee  

Within Inherent Quality Simplicity you are encouraged among other to “Raise the bar, and inherently aim to surpass it!”… Do this wherever you are (e.g.), interactively (e.g.), creatively (e.g.), through reports (e.g.) and continually throughout the globe to build education (for example through websites, e.g., and so on, including cities, e.g.).

This post takes no credit for the progress made or being made around the globe; it does however encourage and applaud it particularly where such increasingly enables combining unity and diversity to continually help create a better world for all.

Create greater dimensions of oneness (e.g.) as knowledge is intrinsically gained and pervasively powerful when information is innovatively shared and collectively matured. Thank you for all you do.

September 13, 2008  6:08 PM

Birth of a Test Organization and of Business Process Testing

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Sharing awareness of a couple of items and hoping the author of The Birth of Business Process Testing does a future post that is along the lines of Birth of a Test Organization.

How far has the inherent quality of your test organization and test processes evolved since their birth?

September 12, 2008  3:56 PM

Why Wall-E should matter to you (TotalCIO)

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Simply sharing awareness of an interesting post on the TotalCIO blog: Why Wall-E should matter to you.

Perhaps even from fun movies some valuable insight can be derived to help anyone take progressive steps towards helping to inherently ensure a better future for next generations. Each individual can make a positive difference. What you do today and everyday can perhaps make a positive difference for others in the future. You can be alive within the centuries of the future, even if only in spirit and thanks to the positive things you do and help to achieve in the present. Thank you for all you do.

September 11, 2008  6:12 PM

I Believe God Wants You To Know

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Read this interesting post about the potential power of changing your thinking. BTW, Neale’s message today is indented.

On this day of your life, dear friend, I believe God wants you to know…

….that this is not a day for remembering violence, but for memorializing your decision to heal every wound that could cause it. There is one question that no one will ask of those who use violence to make their point: What hurts you so bad that you feel you have to hurt me in order to heal it?

This does not condone violence, but it can help us to understand it — and to understand how to stop it. CwG says, “No one does anything inappropriate, given their model of the world.” Embracing the wisdom in those eleven words could change the course of human history

September 11, 2008  5:41 PM

Can the Internet be a contributor to healing?

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Tonight’s post is brief. It is about something that perhaps is the hardest and most important thing to do, change minds for the better. Thankfully some try to do it, and have been successful. Thanks to such efforts advances within today’s world exist. For example today’s world provides a network of specialists to help parents with children who have special needs (i.e. those types of children who years ago were misunderstood whereby rather than be helped to bring forth their innate talents or potential genius, society years ago pushed many such types away from effective integration with society and rather than provide help so the child reached their potential and became their best, society pushed them into asylums, towards crime, or in the direction of dark corners of some type). As it is important, ideally a global mindset for goodness and helping others continues to grow and mature so that: cancers and other ills can someday be better treated or ideally prevented; and so in general all more so have a better chance to be healthier, wealthier, wiser, and more at peace. Ideally the inherent qualities of the Internet can be a contributor to healing and making things better. Perhaps someday the Internet will even be seen as a help towards healing every wound. Using words found within a book some may find interesting to read (Don’t they know it’s Friday?), As-salaam Alaykum (Peace be with you). 

September 10, 2008  4:51 PM

“Trust”, a great enabler

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Trust is a great enabler and something that can be grown. It may also be that it is inherently essential to moving masses towards increased usage of open source solutions. For some related reading perhaps see today’s post by Zach Church entitled “IBM, friends push ‘Microsoft-free’ world”.

September 9, 2008  7:14 PM

Learning what to measure about Learning

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This white paper apparently highlights the true value of learning for enterprises in today’s world. Perhaps give it a read and share a comment or post if you found some particular piece of content inherently valuable.

September 8, 2008  4:45 PM

Have you tried OpenOffice?

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Unaffiliated with OpenOffice and yet to try it, however was wondering… perhaps someone out there has (e.g., perhaps following a recent Java update you decided to install it). It would be interesting to read whether you experienced a smooth install and whether you are enjoying the innate characteristics of the software. Thanks for writing a related comment or post (e.g., perhaps by starting your own ITKE blog).

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