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October 19, 2008  4:20 PM

Should leaders have mentors?

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It may be true that unless you’re making mistakes more challenge is needed. Everyone getting their education this way may however not be best. It may be good to believe in others and to create new leaders and to mentor them so they learn things of value in easy ways. Even experienced leaders may benefit by consulting with others. Be a mentor to others. And ensure you have folks to consult with too.

No single human being has all the answers. Perhaps someday a manifestation produced by our interconnected consciousness and computerized universe will?

October 19, 2008  3:33 PM

New Thought Leaders

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If one of the reasons people stop or slow learning is a reduction in there willingness to accept risk, how do you inspire the principles of continual learning, continual improvement, kaisen etc. type thinking innately within your organization? When the world loses a foremost thought leader (e.g.) on topics such as excellence, leadership, self-renewal and organizational renewal how do you inspire others to discover their inner leader, step forward, and begin carrying the torch to continue a notion for continually getting better? And how do you help to create and inspire trust within others to welcome these new thought leaders with open minds, hearts and arms?

October 19, 2008  1:13 PM

Embedded Intelligence

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What can you do to make quality increasingly inherent or to further embed intelligence… do you hold an invisible “third job” without knowing it?

Anyone who underestimates the revolutionary character of today’s changes is living an illusion. — Revolutionary Wealth

October 19, 2008  11:11 AM

How might blogging affect the evolution of…

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How might blogging affect the evolution of due diligence, open disclosure, copyrights, and giving credit where due by 2020? When thinking about the question consider this: in life, paths you explore may not always be clear or provide up-front certainty and as you go forward on potential paths it may be important to remember that quality is less a destination and more a continual journey, and that more important than any path is to bring goodness with you, and to humbly share credit as best you can. If you read anything I’ve shared on the Internet, thank you. If you read Inherent Quality Simplicity, thank you. Ideally in either case something within is of benefit to you. Ideally something gets you thinking and you somehow help innovatively share and creatively mature a mindset for goodness. A mindset I personally take no credit for. The mindset, including the related notion of having quality increasingly become inherent, belongs to no one organization or person on earth as best I can determine, and I certainly do not consider myself its leader or creator. I’m simply a messenger. Thoughts come and I share them. In some cases, like buying a new vehicle and then noticing similar vehicles more often, I’ve had a thought, written it out and then subsequently noticed others who have shared thoughts which are very similar… and when looking within many such cases, often it seems the thoughts others have shared have had a connection to similar thoughts shared prior (in some cases centuries prior) by others.

At this juncture in my own journey through life I’ve come to believe that quality has been innately an on-going movement, that it is one that will always be, and that increasingly all will be contributors to strengthening what it means. For anything I’ve shared, for any contributions I may appear to have made, I apologize in advance, and thank those before and after me (as those before may have somehow raised an energy or consciousness within the universe that somehow connected with me and made my thoughts possible for those who follow to improve upon). Any credit for anything I’ve shared, for anything that makes quality what it is today, and for anything that will make quality what it can mean in the future, therefore goes to others. This post acknowledges this and says thank you, once again, as within blogging, various forms of sharing and publishing and even within research and due diligence that may at times involve many others, it may be a major challenge to say with absolute certainty who first expressed the foundational thought.

Look beyond how blogging may affect the evolution of due diligence, open disclosure, copyrights, and giving credit where due. Look to how increased sharing and collaboration may intrinsically and pervasively evolve global quality to greater dimensions of oneness by 2020.

October 19, 2008  4:20 AM

Leadership is…

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It may be that as each person practices humility and develops a mindset that opens them to connecting to and maturing common wisdoms, they are helping to enable the powerful intentions of something far greater than ego and pride. It may be that all can be leaders, and that leadership is about caring and the courage to right wrongs for the benefit of all. It may be leadership is about empowering all to be leaders for helping ensure the quality they produce, affect and contribute towards. It may be that increasing empowerment requires looking within the cores of waves of trust to ensure the intent of each action of each person includes benefit for others. It may be that looking within values, the metaphysics of quality (e.g.), and the work of others (e.g., Covey, Dyer and many more), may be necessary for the collective to increasingly enable greater dimensions of intrinsic and pervasive quality and value. It may be that a mindset for goodness is associated with continually achieving greatness and ever higher forms of social responsibility. It may be that pursuing unimagined to-be-discovered dimensions of excellence means increasingly moving towards simplicity. It may be that increasingly integration of work and life will enable greater global forms of balance. It may be that software, technology, information and people will increasingly work better together to make things continually better before, by and beyond 2020.

For those who may wonder, this blogger enjoys home, employment and life and simply wishes the best for all in present and future.

October 18, 2008  4:42 PM

Inspire Trust (intrinsically and pervasively)

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Perhaps you feel that what some call transition is innately change taking place. Perhaps you see change as an external event. Perhaps you feel to be most effective it must first be an internal one. Perhaps you’ve read this prior VIIP post. Perhaps you are considering reading or re-reading Covey’s book. Perhaps in the process you will ask your inner voice this question that is within… “Do I inherently know and do things that inspire trust?”

VIIP takes no credit for The Speed of Trust or for the speed and benefits trust helps to enable. VIIP does however encourage you to read Covey’s book and to factor its messages into your continual improvement journey for increasingly better results for you and all, and with respect to every interconnected dimension of quality of life.

Inquire into values and ensure they include and increasingly inspire trust (intrinsically and pervasively). Thank you for doing so.

October 9, 2008  4:20 PM

10 out of 10, a recorded Sept ’08 event you may want to look in on

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David Suzuki – Campus Tour

BTW, you may also enjoy some Currents reading about CNA, including an article about an instructor who recently was chair for the first World Virtual Science and Engineering Fair at which Dr. Roberta Bondar, Canadian Astronaut, Physician, Scientist, Author and Photographer, was a special guest and judge.

Continual advances in collaboration will enable quantum leaps in quality on route to 2020 and increasingly greater dimensions of value-inherent, intrinsic and pervasive.

October 8, 2008  6:49 PM

A 10.10.2008 event that may interest you

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Here’s a 10.10.2008 event that may interest you. Below are a few words that may also. 

It is good to be proactive while exercising due diligence relative to potential alarmism. It may of course be sometime in the future however before it can be certain whether action toward perceived need was essential and enough. Ideally progress continues to embed quality and elevate value in many ways on route to 2020 and beyond. Ideally all increasingly enjoy balance and a wonderful quality of life forever. Ideally each person somehow helps to continually make the journey through life worthwhile. Even if one lives beyond the age of 100, their life is but a dot in the time continuum. Still what you do with your time just may help to make a positive difference for you and others. Enjoy your life, help others to do the same, and bit by bit try to do something that makes things continually a bit better. Thank you for doing so. The key to evolving quality is you.

October 7, 2008  4:20 PM

The Cloud and beyond

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Sharing awareness of a couple of Internet Evolution items:

i) blog post about cyberspace protection and Einstein 3.0

ii) an IBM video about what cloud computing is and why it is vital. 

Intrinsically and pervasively quality may evolve inherent to the Cloud and Cyberspace and in some interconnected way may help to increasingly evolve balance, harmony and what social responsibility can mean for humanity.

October 3, 2008  7:11 PM

Cloud Computing… by 2020 will it be virtually a norm?

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Today a reader shared this bit of info on cloud computing. Indented are a few related words that are interesting. Also of potential interest may be The Cloud, billing by consumption, and the future of business intelligence, continuity and competition.

among big metatrends, cloud computing is the hardest one to argue with in the long term

By 2020 will Cloud Computing, laptops and handhelds be virtually global norms?

October 3, 2008  12:02 PM

Learning is treasures within a continual journey

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It may be true that the hardest part of science, and perhaps of continually combining unity and diversity to enable greater dimensions of intrinsic and pervasive common wisdom and social responsibility, is finding the right questions.

It may also be true that balance will always be innately important, for example perhaps in relation to achieving improved harmony from global perspectives.

It may also be true that Software, Technology, Information and People working together to continually share awareness, raise consciousness, and find the right questions, is also important.

It may also be true that it is important to grow a mindset that encourages seeking and discovering rather than professing to have all the answers or to have found it all.

Find your purpose, lead out loud or in some way be a contributor to continually helping to evolve quality, value, excellence and simplicity within your organization and beyond. As you do so and as you look towards increasingly being of help to progressively ensuring the future is always brighter for all, perhaps consider some common wisdom that may exist within the past, for example perhaps in relation to ancient Chinese proverbs for example that may say that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step; and that learning is a treasure. Perhaps also consider these words…

Quality is innately what to strive to have something consist of and how to go about ensuring such. Furthermore it [quality] is joy associated with a mindset that seeks to embed value and excellence within people, processes and products. Quality is however more than a destination… innately associated with the treasure of Learning, the two are an interconnected continual journey that is elevated and expedited by progressive increases to respect, openness, collaboration and trust. The latter, as Stephen M. R. Covey noted in his book, can enable speed. Recognizing that the journey is a journey can however enable greater global dimensions of balance, harmony, and the virtue of patience, within individuals and teams (and perhaps even within processes and products).

Within the possibilities of matters of high purpose and importance you may somehow help to inspire or contribute to (e.g., perhaps relative to progressively enabling greater global community by increasingly ensuring highly cost-effective high speed internet solutions to every home on the planet… or perhaps relative to how increased interconnectedness may one day enable a greener world where no war, poverty, health or issues or risks exist), may you be blessed with great peace and balance. Thank you for all you do. Have a great weekend and life.

October 2, 2008  7:03 PM

Surfing, Sharing and Loving Country Living

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Doing a bit of surfing and sharing (then back to loving country living). Here are a couple of items noted today that anyone may wish to look into: i) a podcast that apparently shares ways one can become a better leader (speaker is the President of the Society of Information Management who has some very nice accomplishments); ii) a book (and a popular video by the author).

When looking for ways to continually improve, remember that balance is and must remain important.

September 24, 2008  3:33 AM

Stability, Security, Balance, and no signs of Apocalypse

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You may find these articles interesting: Gen Y seek security and balance; 13 Signs of the Apocalypse. What makes you want to stay with your employer? What signs are you receiving that say you should? Feel free to share what qualities you inherently look for within the ideal employer and place to live. Perhaps increasingly social responsibility will be important in the former. Perhaps the simplicity of a peaceful environment with lots of trees, water and beautiful mountain foot trails fits the latter nicely.

September 22, 2008  5:12 PM

Android; and iPhone vs. Blackberry

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Business & Tech Time Android update here; Family Tech Time iPhone vs. Blackberry video here. Which do you prefer or feel inherently contains the characteristics that best fit an IT Pro’s needs, or the needs of the general public? Android, iPhone, Blackberry or Other.

September 21, 2008  12:02 PM

Can a keynote help find the where of your happiness?

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Sharing awareness of an upcoming keynote, perhaps the quality within will help people across the globe transform in some way, perhaps finding the where of their happiness.

Rich Karlgaard is the publisher of Forbes, the world’s most popular business and financial magazine. In his column “Digital Rules,” Rich writes about technology, entrepreneurship, economical development, and the future of business. Rich joined Forbes in 1992 to start Forbes ASAP, a technology magazine, where he commissioned original works by Tom Wolfe, John Updike and other notable American writers. Rich co-founded Garage Technology Ventures in 1997, Upside Magazine in 1988, and the 5,500-member Churchill Club in 1985. He also is the author of the book, Life 2.0 How People Across America Are Transforming Their Lives by Finding the Where of Their Happiness.


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