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August 22, 2007  1:16 AM

Into the cloud

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real, honest, life changing, trust, moving up and into the cloud… the fun surfing list for this post is minutes, apps, live

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August 21, 2007  9:07 PM

Pursuit of knowledge as a value-inherent

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Is social responsibility inherent within a keiretsu system and do such systems ensure greater viip for all, for every? To enable greater levels of inherent quality from various perspectives is it important that highly effective testers and all others believe in the pursuit of knowledge as a value in and of itself? Will collective wisdom more so be elevated by having more exercise proper balance and will this enable a fundamental flaw in human nature to be peacefully transformed so practical ends are attained without force or harm? Working together will the world find ways to identify common first principles and to more so live by simple virtues? Is not the life of an average person preferable to one of great power if the latter is taken at the expense of potential ruin of another human being? Machiavelli once said entrepreneurs are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage. Will the so many hugely successful entrepreneurs be significant drivers to enabling higher levels of quality, value, excellence and simplicity in the years to come and will great contributions come from IT knowledge exchanges through an ever expanding global community of practice and sharing?  Be optimistic, give positive energy and beam viip into your step and the steps of others.

August 19, 2007  5:00 PM

Hello world! Greetings universe!

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Welcome to the IT Knowledge Exchange. This is my first post within VIIP. Ideally it helps you understand the nature of upcoming posts. Ideally you will purchase and share positive awareness of Inherent Quality Simplicity as well as visit the weblog and other pages of InherentQuality.Com (currently hosted on Register.Com servers). Ideally you will also visit and contribute to TechTarget’s IT Knowledge Exchange where progressively on VIIP a blog roll will develop and posts will aim to showcase the efforts and talents of others who are truly helping from various perspectives to continually make quality occur more inherently or be more so inherent. It is an honor and humbling to be part of the viip of the IT Knowledge Exchange where bloggers have a mutual desire to share news and information as part of something that will help further develop IT as a global community of practice and sharing. Ideally this community will continually help to elevate and embed quality while also helping worlds become more so one. You are therefore encouraged to read and participate in the IT Knowledge Exchange which thanks to TechTarget and a global community can help to build upon notions for ensuring inherent quality that are related to advancement and pursuing high purposes and that are or will be part of evolutions, revolutions and revelations.

With this opening VIIP post all at TechTarget are asking all (pros and the general public) to start thinking now about perfect vision leap year 2020. In particular we would like to see executives, IT pros and all consumers (who realize that their quality of life is improved or impacted by software, technology and information) blog regularly about what they feel are examples today that make quality innate or occur inherently; and what they feel will more so do this by the year 2020 and beyond. Will there be greater sharing and collaboration? Will global summits more so build upon the concept of unification? Will frameworks and standards more so harmonize and be even more so embedded within tools and automation? Will there be greater unification and will values more so drive value? Will there be greater peace, economic equity and other forms of fairness? Will there be a healthier planet and will all inhabitants become healthier, happier and more intelligent? Will more begin to think of ways they can contribute positively beyond their own lifetime? Will corruption be reduced significantly? Will there be greater levels of safety, fun, love and joy? Will the cost of software errors be significantly reduced? Will there be less loss to society? Will the community of practice and sharing grow and draw significant participation from all levels of pros and the general public? Will IT resources know more about the business, and will the business know more about IT? Will enhanced software, technology and information help to make it easier for all to work with or within the IT domain? Will IT and the business more so become one and therefore more than simply align? Will forms of wireless, satellite and laser technology become highly advanced and used in many more situations? Will today’s technology be likened to the star trek of old (e.g.) and what will be the case by leap year 2020 and beyond? Will IT help to reduce threats from many perspectives including relative to global warming or near earth objects? Will IT significantly improve outcomes for business and help drive socially responsible initiatives such as would reduce or eliminate war or poverty? From various perspectives, what will ensure greater viip (value-inherent, intrinsic and pervasive)? In and beyond leap year 2020 what will beam greater and greater levels of inherent quality and viip in your step?

VIIP (this blog) is intended to share awareness of progress and to showcase positive contributions of others. Its intentions also include encouraging fun, creativity and the merging of disciplines and the combing of heart, mind, soul and positive spirit as part of inspiring optimism and perseverance. On VIIP writings will be about software, technology and information. On VIIP and throughout the IT Knowledge Exchange ideally all will read about contributions and ideas for helping to make things progressively and continually better for all, for every. Thank you for reading and for all you do to:

  • help motivate and give positive energy to others
  • help drive and evolve quality, value, excellence and simplicity continually upwards and inwards for all, for every
  • help ensure greater levels of value-inherent, intrinsic and pervasive for self and others.

Ideally progressively unions of pros and the general public will increasingly beam viip into your step. Thank you for your continued contributions to progressively help make things inherently better from various quality perspectives.

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