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November 17, 2008  7:57 PM

The top priorities for Obama’s CTO

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Perhaps cast a vote, e.g. for improving accessibility in remote areas (perhaps you will somehow be a catalyst for there being, by or before 2020, high-speed Internet to the vast majority of homes on the planet, including the vast majority of homes in rural areas). Perhaps you will somehow help the CTO determine priorities for making quality from various perspectives (e.g., quality of life), increasingly intrinsic and pervasive for the betterment and benefit of all.

November 17, 2008  6:21 PM

Amazon’s view of a tester

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Able to find bugs in code (The Rational Tester does Software Test and Performance Conference Boston)

Able therefore to help make quality more inherent.

November 16, 2008  11:11 PM

Top software tools of 2008 (look forward to reading the results)

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Look forward to reading the results…

Send your product submissions to by Friday, Dec. 12.

November 16, 2008  10:10 PM

Building Community (on a global scale)

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It may be true that life long learning can contribute to better balance (e.g., between supply and demand). It may be true that rethinking IT management from a business perspective (e.g.) is necessary to further instill a holistic understanding to fulfilling business (and social responsibility) objectives by more so looking beyond IT services to the context where services are used. It may be true that initiatives and conferences that seek to foster collaboration and facilitate the transfer of experience and adaptation of methods (e.g.) are positive and an increasing trend. This post takes no credit for progress occurring around the globe. It does however encourage and applaud efforts to help make quality and value increasingly intrinsic and pervasive including those which ideally help build a sense of community, on a global scale (e.g.), in and external to the IT profession.

November 16, 2008  4:20 PM

From Good to Great to Built to Last

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A major launch related to the emerging global IT profession will happen in the coming year. Looking ahead more than a decade, 2020 could be a transition point, true leap year and time of more perfect vision that helps beam more value intrinsically and pervasively towards upcoming centuries.

At some juncture a future civilization (e.g., one that is perhaps even further enlightened) may look upon what we call the Dark Ages and say that 2020 was the start of the world coming out of the Gray Ages. 

Twain once conveyed the idea that a reader would have to discover their own order to a book. Perhaps this idea applies not only to readers.

From Good to Great to Built to Last. In an ironic twist, I now see Good to Great not as a sequel to Built to Last, but as more of a prequel. This book is about how to turn a good organization into one that produces sustained great results. Built to Last is about how you take a company with great results and turn it into an enduring great company of iconic stature. To make that final shift requires core values and a purpose beyond just making money combined with the key dynamic of preserve the core / stimulate progress. — Jim Collins, Good To Great

To ensure IT, and even humanity, is progressively built to last, perhaps the purpose of each person and organization must be beyond making money and inherently interconnected to a mindset for goodness that preserves and enhances core principles while increasingly inspiring trust, empowerment, collaboration, alignment and progressive excellence.

November 15, 2008  11:11 AM

Looking forward to 2020 (part ii)

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Have fun with this as there is a vast range of potential inputs including perhaps factoring in potential advances (or usage increases) relative to satellites (e.g. or e.g.) or nanotechnology (e.g.). The range of input is virtually endless as are the opportunities to help imagine a continually better future for all. Thank you for all you do. As a continual improvement co-contributor you are helping to progressively evolve quality and value to be increasingly intrinsic and pervasive. As we each look within to continually improve self while trying to be good to (and of help to) others we build positive energy for an ever brighter future where more and more as one software, technology, information and people serve a common mindset of and for goodness to be an ever present foundation within an unending journey of progressive excellence.

November 15, 2008  2:20 AM

Looking forward to 2020

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Looking forward to 2020, what positive advances may be achieved? When thinking about how quality and value may become increasingly intrinsic and pervasive, feel free to draw on a range of input (e.g., perhaps including Tools of Engagement, TelePresence and so on, perhaps even Star Trek 2009).

November 12, 2008  6:49 PM

Download for Free: Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book

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Within the inherent quality of the Golden Book by Dale Carnegie at the top of the list of a section entitled “Cultivate a Mental Attitude that will Bring You Peace and Happiness” is “Fill you mind with thoughts of peace, courage, health and hope”. Seventh on the list is “Create happiness for others”.  Over 50 million copies of Mr. Carnegie’s books have been printed and published in 38 languages. He founded what is today a worldwide network of trainers with offices in more than 75 countries. This post simply shares awareness of another worthy read.

Download for Free: Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book

November 11, 2008  11:11 PM

Be part of making forward progress and history that is good

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Want to make a difference?

Perhaps consider how as an inherent quality of an emerging global IT profession, and related green and other socially responsible initiatives, you can help evolve associated quality and value to increasingly become intrinsic and pervasive and for the benefit and betterment of all.

Perhaps look within IFIP (e.g., this page) for some interesting reading (e.g., the aims and scope statements associated with WG 9.2 – Social Accountability (est. 1977)). Perhaps suggest updates to IFIP plans or content, or ask a question using this contact page. Perhaps ask what you can do to help IFIP before 2009, and then perhaps in relation to the IFIP 50th Anniversary in 2010.

This post takes no credit for the progress being made by IFIP, CIPS and others including anything that you may do or being doing to help with related continued forward progress. It does however applaud all efforts towards a global challenge of achieving greatness relative to the goodness innately associated with what social responsibility and accountability means or can mean.

Consider looking within your schedule and perhaps see if you can spare additional cycles now and then to increasingly be part of making forward progress and history that is good. Thank you for doing so.

“No matter how much you have achieved, you will always be merely good relative to what you can become.” — Jim Collins, Good To Great and The Social Sectors

November 11, 2008  11:11 AM

On this day let us remember

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Millions of readers may agree that Good To Great (by Jim Collins) is a worthy read, however do they agree with the title and contents of the opening page of Chapter 1? Is good really the enemy of great? What about the reverse of the question stated on page 1 (“what about the vast majority of companies that wake up partway through life and realize that they’re good, but not great?”) that was raised by a reader of another work by Jim Collins, Built to Last? It may be possible to be great but not good, however ideally as countries, governments, organizations and people evolve towards higher forms of greatness and excellence they will do so while building upon the foundation for such, goodness (i.e. essential tenets, principles, ethics, and values of and for it that must become more common knowledge, innate and preserved for true greatness to be achieved).

Will wealth and well-being increasingly exist in our world without the co-existence of the reverse (e.g., poverty and homelessness)? Will peace increasingly exist without the co-existence of its reverse (e.g., war)? Will social responsibility increasingly be inherent to truly great leaders and organizations? Ideally software, technology, information and people increasingly exemplify goodness as a foundation for progressive excellence and making the world continually a better place for all in the present and future.

On this day let us remember.

November 4, 2008  12:12 PM

A dynamic process, progressive excellence

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It may be true that as each person increasingly practices respect and humility and brings positive energy and goodness to the paths of their journey, the world overall will increasingly achieve new dimensions of greatness, new dimensions of quality, value, excellence and simplicity. As suggested within a 35 page monograph (Good To Great and The Social Sectors by Jim Collins intended to accompany the book Good To Great by the same author), it may also be true that there is value inherent to adjusting one’s balance between trying to be interesting, and investing more so in being interested. This may be particularly true for those in leadership roles (e.g., perhaps including newly elected or appointed officials). As each becomes more and more open minded, practices continual learning and active listening, and collaborates with respect and humility, it may be the world will experience dynamic increases to interdependence and trust and to the speed they can increasingly help to enable; it may be positive results throughout the world will continually bring new dimensions of greatness, joy (quality) and peace (value). Whether an everyday member of the global community, or someone who is within or soon will be within a role of great power and responsibility, perhaps keep the words within this post in mind while you do your best to have a wonderful quality of life, and perhaps in the process to in someway inspire or help with global improvements to such so the world will increasingly be a better place for all in the present and future. While it will always be important to celebrate successes, it may be it is important more so not to linger in them or to consider yourself great. It may be it is more important with each success to continue to be humble, generous and grateful… and otherwise to continually build upon great principles and encourage that they be developed equally within all. While it may be worth pursuing such things as greatness it may be that it is more important to increasingly try our best to be good to one another and to show interest more so than to try to be interesting.

Greatness is an inherently dynamic process, not an end point. The moment you think of yourself as great, your slide toward mediocrity will have already begun — Jim Collins, Good To Great and The Social Sectors

What do you think is the most important inherent quality of all great leaders and organizations? Is it that they have a roadmap, or that they ensure the bus will have the right people, principles and attitudes on board for collaborative continual improvement? What do you think inherently are the right principles and attitudes for collaborative continual improvement? What do you think are the core values that all should increasingly try to walk and talk, or to elevate and exemplify within self, organization, software, technology, information and humanity? What do you inherently believe is at the core, the center, of continually inspiring and achieving greater and greater dimensions of global progressive excellence? What do you think is needed within your organization, and within society, to evolve quality and value to the next level? How important is presence management, and do any of the 5 scenarios within the noted event relate to your organization? What do you consider to be an innately important component of interactive intelligence? What do you find works best to develop a mindset for goodness, progressive excellence and continual innovation?

November 3, 2008  4:20 AM

The future of Internet videos

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Perhaps it would be good if the innate quality of videos on the Internet (e.g., this or that) somehow increasingly help towards enabling sustainable positives, e.g., continual increases to fun, peace, prosperity and positive climate change from many perspectives for all around the world. Given many issues that exist in today’s world (e.g., piracy and so on), what value do you see within the future of Internet videos by 2020?

November 2, 2008  8:20 PM

Can movies inspire ideas to help children and others?

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Just felt like recommending a movie, August Rush. See it for the first time or watch it again. It is a great one. This post takes no credit for the movie. It does however applaud it. It also thanks those who do positive things to help children and others find their innate gifts and achieve their hearts desires. Relate this to technology if you wish and perhaps get started on a positive idea. 

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="350" wmode="transparent" /]

October 31, 2008  9:04 AM

Business Continuity expert talks about lessons movies can teach CIOs

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Podcast here may also interest an experienced or potentially new CTO (perhaps even one associated with becoming the first White House CTO ever at the cabinet level).

October 20, 2008  7:11 PM

Will a universal culture of interdependence increasingly emerge by 2020?

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Imagine leaders supported by mentors and every level of an organization and of society empowered to mentor each other, to collaborate with greater transparency and trust, and to be more accountable for their own quality while being more willing to accept input, help or validation from others to increase the possibilities for growing new dimensions of value that is inherent (intrinsic and pervasive).

Meet each person with kindness. Help raise each person to their best. Give positive energy, freely and frequently. Bring a mindset of goodness to every path. Advocate continual improvement. Allow all to pursue and achieve their purpose. Empower and inspire all. Everyone deserves a long lifetime of joy and happiness. Look for value in each person. Help each person see and grow their value. If you see someone fall, help them rise to greater heights. Thank you for doing so.

Will a universal culture of interdependence increasingly emerge by 2020? Ideally it will. Ed, Thank you for the great comment! Sincerely, Ron

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