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February 20, 2008  10:10 PM and sound like fun sites to keep an eye on

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As this IQS101 post noted, the X-Play winner for best game of the year 2007 was BioShock. When the time comes to announce the winner for 2008, perhaps it will be Halo 3, particularly given the millions it made in the first 24 hours. As a bit of history, the related company (after having concentrated in the nineties on Macintosh games) was acquired in 2000 by Microsoft. According to this piece in Wikipedia, days after the release of Halo 3 a new arrangement was formed. For interaction between company staff and the community surrounding their games visit The company prides itself first and foremost on the strengths and abilities of its people, adding that they use the best technology in the best place to create compelling games, stories and worlds.

With respect to, this ZDNet Feb 18 article shared that they launched a public beta of a new version of their BungeeConnect (an on demand application development platform for professional programmers).

Although unrelated and from different perspectives, both and sound like fun sites to keep an eye on. Although viewing from afar, both seem to strive to ensure quality is innately within their organizations and products. 

February 19, 2008  2:20 PM

Global IT Consortium

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Borenstein, one of the original designers of the MIME protocol, for sending multimedia Internet electronic mail, once apparently essentially said that computer professionals cause accidents, and that most experts agree the most likely way for the world to be destroyed is by accident. Well, given this post on Internet Evolution, US is in danger of losing Internet leadership, one might wonder how this foremost U.S. advanced networking consortium may change that. One may also wonder what impact the result of the U.S. Election may have on ensuring the safe and continual growth of valuable manifestations of the worldwide computerized society. Research shows positive mind shifts are taking hold (for example relative to the environment), however more must be done and it is now truly time to increasingly move forward to real smart Government and thoughts which draw from pros and public and explore how might balance be further improved as a result of continual inquiries into quality, value, excellence, simplicity, and how transparency may be further increased. Perhaps this is a topic for Governments in general and should be tabled at the next summit involving true worldwide representation and fellowship. One item that is certain is that now more than ever it is time to globally give it ( IT ) the extra degree by going to and beyond 212, and increasingly banning together more as one global consortium to ensure tremendous leaps forward by 2020. IT must increasingly be an enabler of a new revelation that among other promotes better ensuring: positive climate change; a significant reduction to the cost of errors; the emergence of true global economic prosperity; the ultimate achievement of sustainable worldwide peace and equality concurrent with greater levels of education, health, wellness and joy for all of humanity.

This is not the last VIIP post for February 2008…  more fun to come. For a bit of fun in the meantime, see this post on Overheard in the tech blogosphere.

February 18, 2008  10:10 PM

World’s Premier Technology Competition

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Imagine the pure potentiality of the individual, team and collective passion around a premier worldwide technology competition, for students. This year’s theme is the environment.

                               You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

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February 17, 2008  8:29 PM

Innately rise above great technological challenges facing humanity in the 21st century

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Beyond AI, towards real intelligence by 2020 or 2029. Story here about a group brought together to identify the great technological challenges facing humanity in the 21st century.

February 17, 2008  8:20 PM

IT industry commits to climate change

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High Tech: Low Carbon (story here).

February 17, 2008  2:12 PM

One industry, within all, that is for the benefit of all people

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One industry, one profession, within all industries and professions, that has a net which empowers and interconnects pros and the general public, can really help continually change the world to be increasingly better, for all people. That one industry, often referred to as IT, is emerging as a formal global profession of discipline and disciplines that can make even serious work more fun and joyful. From the perspective of what may help make a good IT or Quality Auditor, is the thought that such roles will continually evolve towards increasingly being solution contributors, rather than largely remain traditional finders of fault. IT and Quality audit functions have the potential to increasingly be positive catalysts and enablers for elevating collective innovative prevention and proactive unified risk management. Quality and Audit functions have the potential of becoming more inherent and thereby further help one industry, within all, that is for the benefit of all people.

February 15, 2008  1:01 AM

Emerging Communications, The Trillion Dollar Industry “Re”-Think

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March 12-14, 2008, Computer History Museum, Silicon Valley

February 14, 2008  6:49 PM

Open thinking, about balance, and smart Government

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Today is perhaps a good day for some open thinking, about balance, and smart Government.

“Balance”, this is a word that can be applied in ways, or from many perspectives. For example, relative to a particular person’s balance within life, or relative to ensuring effective types of balance within roles and responsibilities, within a company, within a country, within an industry, within the global society, and so on, such as through sharing loads between resources and particular types of technology. In many ways “balance” is an important word, and as stated in IQS101, true universal fellowship starts with it.

One way to achieve balance to greater dimensions is to increase transparency, such as through “Open” sharing or initiatives. As stated by Liz Barnett in 2004 within “Applying Open Source Processes In Corporate Development Organizations“, increasing transparency is a good idea.

Firms should increase transparency — the visibility of the project information to people who aren’t team members — to improve coordination and help increase productivity. Increased transparency can also improve the accountability and the performance of individual employees by providing a documented workflow and a basis for feedback. Leading development organizations know that disclosure improves business relationships and will communicate select information about project progress to customers.

Moving forward to “smart” Government, how might balance be further improved, as a result of continual inquiries into quality, value, excellence, simplicity and how transparency may be further increased?

Feel free to positively comment on this, to think about lessons from the heart, and to watch for an upcoming VIIP post. Hoping for a bit of Good Luck, a future one may share some related positive thoughts, insights and wisdom from a VIIP and IQS reader within the National Institute for Smart Government. Perhaps this is a topic for Governments in general and should be tabled at the next summit involving worldwide representation.

February 13, 2008  1:13 PM

From Big Blue to individuals like you, open minded progress is inherently making things better

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Back in October ’07 this post, Make it better, provided several links while promoting the notion of all expanding freely, living with passion, increasingly supporting concepts for a more open office and moving quickly toward the third-decade of the Web (2010-2020). If you have been following the industry progress already only a few months later you may be progressively starting to see and say, wow. Indeed the world is getting smaller while benefits increasingly have greater opportunity to emerge to higher degrees with less risk.

Organizations and individuals are working heroically harder and smarter at helping you take back control of your architecture. One such organization is naturally IBM which helps you collaborate globally, and unify and simplify development through usage of a complete set of tools (see webcast as example). Way back on the 10th of September ’07, Big Blue of course announced that it was joining the OpenOffice community, pledging to contribute code and other resources to an eight-year-old open source project. The future is in the present, heck it is even in the past; in the present however it exists as a result of individuals and the efforts of many, and also thanks to some of the biggest names in the industry really starting to join in support (e.g., of things like OpenID). It is very promising and interesting to think how far advanced the future will be as the world continues to evolve and then begins to enter the perfect vision leap year of (and more so with) 2020. The combined effort of many has the potential to empower others, particularly the consumer. This is an example of progress that is helping to continually take quality, value, excellence and simplicity to unimagined paradigms on route to increasingly making it ( IT Joy) an intrinsic and pervasive positive manifestation within software, technology, information and life (and all that is increasingly becoming associated with a growing force of good and the emerging universal computerized fellowship of pros and public).

From Big Blue to individuals like you, passion and open minded progress is innately making things better. This post takes no credit, however extends a Thank You to all for all you do to beam the world increasingly toward a future history that is bright for all.

For those who think quality is a fad, it is high time you awaken the joy within. Perhaps reading IQS will help you do this. The circles, levels, waves and dimensions are continually changing and evolving inwards, upwards and outwards taking the benefits to deeper, higher and wider degrees of value, excellence and simplicity. Part of the solutions for making things better, and increasingly surpassing the tremendous responsibilities and opportunities that IT has, will increasingly be related to the growth of a universal profession, as well as the growth of fellowship within the profession and with the general worldwide public.

A culture of practice and sharing is progressively evolving. Within it, increasingly man, woman, and even the embedded architecture and code of machines, will embark on a logical, rational, and critical mission to continually make things better.

February 13, 2008  3:13 AM

Open Innovation: A New Paradigm for Understanding Industrial Innovation

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Some new paradigms are old for some. As more awaken to them however there will be corresponding increases relative to change and net benefits for all. This will largely be as a result of the collective wisdom and lighter loads generated from continual progressive mergers of unity and diversity, as well as complexity and simplicity. The document linked to above was mentioned way back on Feb 7, 2008, in this post on Port25: Microsoft, Open Innovation and Open Source (Part 1)

February 13, 2008  12:13 AM

New era, open minds, open source browser on top down under

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read more

February 12, 2008  2:08 PM

The word for today, and for the years to 2020 and beyond…

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The search for wisdom, intelligence, knowledge, inner joy and universal fellowship may be a quest that takes you to visiting various dimensions of the interconnected universe of the Internet. Your close encounters with the Internet’s third kind may increasingly help with the acquisition, management and dissemination of knowledge. Each encounter may be part of a growing number of enablers who continually strive to enhance a culture of practice and sharing. As you trek you may discover various innate developments. For example, a white paper about MidMarket organizations really beginning to increasingly deploy virtualization to transform their IT infrastructure and reap the same virtualization benefits of large enterprises. As a second example, a live webcast like this one today about three things you may not know about the PCI DSS and your web application’s security.

In the present time everyone is increasingly expecting access to valuable information, applications and services. As the world continues moving toward 2020, the inherent technological way of life will increasingly be powered by people and machines that continually enable software-intensive systems to be a service to the notion of making things progressively better, for all. Inherently, the evolution of quality, value, excellence and simplicity will increasingly move all to greater awakening and truly dawn an age of universal fellowship, elemental laws, and interconnectedness to the lifestyles of higher beings everywhere.

Evolution of course is a natural on-going process in which all can partake. Perhaps as you do you will earn ITKE points such as by responding to whether IT is a profession or a discipline.

Increasingly IT has the potential to be a significant force for the good of humanity. While clarity may require seeing with more than your eyes, increasingly it is becoming very evident that knowledge, insights, and more, collective wisdom, are progressively evolving inherent to the evolution and growing population of the Internet. To those who create, read and share positively within, thank you. You all deserve points for your posts and comments, and for your responses to particular questions. Now is the time however to really start to think in a direction for increasing the universal fellowship of the net, including having IT Pros increasingly come together with the worldwide general public. Every person has value, and all can contribute to shaping the future of the Internet and the world they live within. Each person is therefore a star within the universe. Some may be waiting to be discovered, however all can humbly strive to manifest their dreams while doing what they can to give back positive energy.

The word for today, and for the years to 2020 and beyond, is Fellowship. Think about it, think about IT; the industry has a tremendous responsibility, and opportunity. Increasingly IT must become a true universal fellowship that is for the benefit of all beings within the interconnected universe. This month (2.08) and progressively to 2020 and beyond, spread love and joy intrinsically to and pervasively from the IT industry.

This post takes no credit for the positive direction the IT industry is heading in, however does send a Thank You to those within Canada, the United States, and other parts of the world such as Africa and India, who have recently requested copies of Inherent Quality Simplicity. Ideally it somehow helps the readers and those they interact with, while promoting a belief in the merits of all increasingly being part of a continual trek to find, creatively mature and innovatively embed bits of innate value and joy within and throughout all persons, creations and interactions.

Inherent Quality Simplicity excerpt available at 

February 11, 2008  1:11 PM

From e-mergers comes emergers

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Items in news today include:

From e-mergers comes emergers including emerging means, forces and leaders to help continually evolve and elevate innate quality, value, excellence and simplicity. The movement innately within an emerging and evolving global IT industry of practice and sharing has strong potential to increasingly make great things come to life by 2020 and beyond, for the benefit of all people. This post takes no credit, however applauds big time!

February 10, 2008  11:07 PM

Combined effort intended to ultimately empower others, particularly the consumer

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IBM and some of the biggest names in the industry join to support OpenID single sign-on identity system.

This post takes no credit, however applauds progress that is progressively bringing people and organizations together to continually enable greater levels of innate quality, value, excellence and simplicity related to products, standards and more, the empowerment of others, particularly the consumer.

Anthony Nadalin, IBM distinguished engineer and chief security architect for Tivoli software summed the project up this way: “This effort is intended to provide users with more control and to help them better manage and protect their digital identities.” Article in PC Magazine on 7 Feb 2008. 

February 9, 2008  11:11 AM


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It is cold today, yet there exist warmth within the gentle snow as it lands on a tree and thoughts of “(1)” and history echo into the net. History need not repeat. Wisdom within it however must be carried forward as it is possible that history can be re-built, regenerated, relived, re-made, re”(1)”, re-one, re-won! It is possible each can reach into it to re-invent a better future. History (present and future) can be more so about re-train, re-tool, re-new, re-win, re-team, re-certify, re-accelerate, re-advance, and in general, re-power through the power of re as a manifestation within each person’s reach thanks to interconnectedness elevated by a technological software-intensive computerized society. Reach within this brief interesting vid by Dr. Nick Bontis as example. Watching him live at a 2007 national IT symposium was refreshing. The future can re-professionalize, re-unite, retreat, relax, revitalize, rejuvenate, reenergize, remember and re-create. Think about the state of quality (and quality of life) in past and present. Think about the power re-“(1)” and how much better the future can be thanks to IT Pros and the general public increasingly coming together more so as one on matters of high purpose. Each person has value; each at least one purpose in life. We must increasingly come together to amplify positive energy and more so connect the dots.

We each are a piece of the equation to the continual improvement of quality and value. We each are interconnected within a web, net, cloud, matrix, universe or puzzle of and for continually greater goodness, harmony, happiness, excellence, peace and love. This month is a special month, where many celebrate on the 14th. However there are many who may not feel they have something to celebrate. The combined imagination, effort and determination of all can however change this. Increasingly this year and going forward help this month to be one (1) that all feel like celebrating. Thank you for all you do to continually try to help make the world a better place for each person. Thank you for continually trying to make the world more so for the benefit of all. Thank you for continually trying to increase the benefits for, and the joy innately within, each person, creation and interaction. “1” does not have to be the loneliest number, it can be the highest. Connect to the universe, quickly re-think past, and more so focus on re-enabling a better present and future. Think about “(1)” and act in a positive way to benefit you and others. Thank you for doing so.

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