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Jan 13 2008   1:13PM GMT

Explore the edge for ideas

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Borrowing from the words of a song, rise today, change this world; ideally do so for the betterment of others. For example, be an everyday hero, and explore the edge for ideas. Perhaps watch the “Possibility of peace” 01.10.08 news video and imagine and write about the possibility of unending universal peace. Perhaps read the thoughts of these talented individuals…

I thought that it [the internet] would change people. I thought it would allow us to build a new world — Rushkoff (Author, Get Back in the Box)

Based on my studies of the essential complexity of simple systems, I feel that any physical object at all must be equally capable of enlightenment — Rucker (Author, Lifebox, the Seashell, and the Soul)

I have come to believe that an individual consciousness represents an entity that is so personal and ontologically unique that it qualifies as something that we might as well call “a soul” — Feinberg (Author, Altered Egos)

I primarily think of my body as software — Norretranders (Author, The Generous Man)

Properly conceived and constructed technology does not hinder the simple life, but helps it — Lloyd (Author, Programming the Universe)

In the last year, I’ve come to see the relationship between science and technology very differently. We have reached the point in physics and cosmology, neuroscience, and genetics at least where technology is quintessential to advancement. Technology is not merely making the practice of science faster, less mundane or, as with microscopes, helping us to see the otherwise unseeable; it is a distinct yet complementary landscape from which we can advance our knowledge of the natural world. — Bly (Editor-in-Chief, Seed)

As Christakis (Physician and social scientist, Harvard) puts it, “we are evolving in real time, under the pressure of discernable social and historical forces” … “the human genome may be changing at an accelerating rate” … “Maybe even the more complex world we live in nowadays really is making us smarter” … “unfortunately, this also means that it may be the case that particular ways of living create advantages for some, but not all, members of our species. Certain groups may acquire (admittedly, over centuries) certain advantages, and there might be positive or negative feedback loops between genetics and culture. Maybe some of us really are better able to cope with modernity than others. The idea that what we choose to do with our world modifies what kind of offspring we have is as amazing as it is troubling.”

As Wilczek (2004 Nobel Prize in Physics; Author, Fantastic Realities) puts it, “medical science is taking a deep look at aging. Within the next century, it may be possible for people to prolong youth and good health for many years — perhaps indefinitely. This would, of course, profoundly change our relationship with death.”

Perhaps think about the idea that anything is possible, or about the following… our minds are changing and we are now beginning to appreciate the power of: software, technology, and information; collective consciousness; the world becoming more one; living in the mystery; striving to ensure greater dimensions of value-inherent for all; the possibility of universal peace and social responsibility and environmental stewardship; the immense importance of ethics; a divine energy within all; the religion of simple goodness, giving and being of service to others; the impact of enlightening social experiences; fading boundaries; transparency, trust and merging disciplines; machines being or increasingly becoming true partners; a world or universe that seeks to contribute untapped collective imagination and creativity to on-going evolution in order to increasingly make things better in many ways; research and exploration and keeping an open mind.

Perhaps review some important conclusions being expressed by others: “the cyberworld has potential that is both exhilarating and frightening” (Rees); “flexibility is intrinsic to being human — more, to being conscious” (Myers); “it is a realistic possibility that one day we may discover the shape of the entire universe” (Levin); “science was not only a pursuit of knowledge but a social process too” (De Pretis).

Perhaps imagine this, the power of positive thinking is so vast, it can save a life, and like a movie, is stranger than fiction. For example, letting go (e.g.) of some oversight may achieve higher programmer speed and quality, but perhaps only if something does not suppress the natural intrinsic and pervasive positive energy associated with the bodies involved, and perhaps only if they believe they will continually succeed in making things faster, better, more enjoyable, and more valuable.

In any event, Good Luck to all who strive to share and amplify positive energy, or to allow something divine to guide, or to allow light to uncover and rid the dark side from existing within anything that is open, such as software or minds. From various perspectives then, one might conclude that it is understandably a challenge to keep an open mind (e.g., “Stretching your mind is hard. Once we’ve settled on a worldview that suits us, we tend to hold on” — Bharucha), and for even the smartest experts to offer objective conclusions so perhaps the future history designs of continually enriching social paradigms increasingly enable an intellectually interconnected universe of innovative on-going progress.

Explore (or discover) the edge for ideas, by taking no credit, and by simply sharing awareness (when doing so, perhaps read what Tim O’Reilly and others have shared). Continually invent. Increasingly give positive energy and work towards that which is good and progressively better. Creatively embed and mature a notion of increasing innate joy, peace, love, excellence and simplicity. Be an advocate or architect for optimism and perseverance. Worlds need not collide. Be humble, Transform. Rise today and redefine the universe. Increasingly make a world of difference. Extend the edge. We are all alike on the inside in many respects. In becoming more one however it may be that it is important that each maintain that which makes them distinct. It may be that the spirit is given to each of us for some benefit. And that we must find what makes us unique in order to offer up that which only we can, in order to help the universe continually become a friendlier and better place, for all.

Find something positive to be optimistic about (perhaps look back on a prior edge for examples).

Have software, technology, and information increasingly help to make or cut a new edge (each year or throughout each year leading to and beyond 2020), that somehow helps invoke thought and challenge conventional thinking and therefore has the potential to inspire imagination, creativity, collaboration and innovation to help make the universe progressively better for all. Inherently, change is essential to progress.

Perhaps a good question for a world stage to ponder at this juncture is whether evolution has endowed us with ethical impulses, and whether we know what to do with them. To think about that question perhaps read this posted today in the NYTimes. From an edge and times perspective, another question for a world stage to ponder and write about is:

What in past has made, and in present makes, quality and value innate, and what makes us want to be better, and what will more so make quality, value, excellence and simplicity more intrinsic and pervasive by and beyond the perfect vision (2020) leap year?

The simple answer is you, each of you, and the things you continually will work towards to make the future brighter for all. Thank you for reading, thinking and all you do to make things continually better.

Inherently, explore the edge for ideas; for example, look within VIIP, or explore the right edge of VIIP, or explore the edge of all that is ITKE, or all that is a high, wide and deep web.

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