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November, 2008

November 24, 2008  11:13 AM

The Elegant Universe, LHC and Cyberinfrastructure

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The Elegant Universe, LHC & Cyberinfrastructure what can you imagine before, by and beyond perfect vision leap year 2020?...

November 22, 2008  4:40 PM

Unit Test? Yes (also btw here’s a Diagnostic Tool that may help with moving from good to great)

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Collins states going from good to great requires discipline (disciplined people, thought and action). Taking software quality from good to great likely requires some of the same (including relative to unit testing) while progressively building increased levels of fun. To some unit testing is common...

November 22, 2008  11:56 AM

Perhaps we all may benefit by reading and internalizing what it means to be a level 5 leader

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See this page; and on it be sure to read this excerpt from Good to Great. Borrowing on words within Good to Great that were apparently once expressed by a paper industry...

November 21, 2008  7:57 PM

2008 Recipient of Advanced Technology Award chosen as Chairman of Global Board of World’s Largest IT Organization

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Information and Communications Technology is described by employers as the number one contributor to Canada’s productivity. Click here to read more including about a serious skills shortage that is threatening the sector. And also......

November 21, 2008  5:35 AM

Another step in the Internet’s evolution

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Interesting piece on Internet Evolution by Mathew Ingram, technology writer for The Globe and Mail in Canada… The Internet Takes Another Step Into Outer Space. Perhaps this is another step in the...

November 17, 2008  7:57 PM

The top priorities for Obama’s CTO

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Perhaps cast a vote, e.g. for improving accessibility in remote areas (perhaps you will somehow be a catalyst for there being, by or before 2020, high-speed Internet to the vast majority of homes on the planet, including the vast majority of homes in rural...

November 17, 2008  6:21 PM

Amazon’s view of a tester

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Able to find bugs in code (The Rational Tester does Software Test and Performance Conference Boston)
Able therefore...

November 16, 2008  11:11 PM

Top software tools of 2008 (look forward to reading the results)

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Look forward to reading the results…

Send your product submissions to

November 16, 2008  10:10 PM

Building Community (on a global scale)

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It may be true that life long learning can contribute to better balance (e.g., between supply and demand). It may be true that rethinking IT management from a business perspective (

November 16, 2008  4:20 PM

From Good to Great to Built to Last

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A major launch related to the emerging global IT profession will happen in the coming year. Looking ahead more than a decade, 2020 could be a transition point, true leap year and time of more perfect vision that helps beam more value intrinsically and pervasively towards upcoming centuries. At...

November 15, 2008  11:11 AM

Looking forward to 2020 (part ii)

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Have fun with this as there is a vast range of potential inputs including perhaps factoring in potential advances (or usage increases) relative to satellites (e.g. or e.g.) or nanotechnology (

November 15, 2008  2:20 AM

Looking forward to 2020

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Looking forward to 2020, what positive advances may be achieved? When thinking about how quality and value may become increasingly intrinsic and pervasive, feel free to draw on a range of input (e.g., perhaps including Tools of...

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November 12, 2008  6:49 PM

Download for Free: Dale Carnegie’s Golden Book

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Within the inherent quality of the Golden Book by Dale Carnegie at the top of the list of a section entitled "Cultivate a Mental Attitude that will Bring You Peace and Happiness" is "Fill you mind with thoughts of peace, courage, health and hope". Seventh on the list is "Create happiness for...

November 11, 2008  11:11 PM

Be part of making forward progress and history that is good

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Want to make a difference? Perhaps consider how as an inherent quality of an emerging global IT profession, and related green and other socially responsible initiatives, you can help evolve associated quality and value to increasingly become intrinsic and pervasive...

November 11, 2008  11:11 AM

On this day let us remember

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Millions of readers may agree that Good To Great (by Jim Collins) is a worthy read, however do they agree with the title and contents of the opening page of Chapter 1? Is good really the enemy of great? What about the reverse of the question stated on page 1 (“what about the vast majority of...

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