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September, 2008

September 10, 2008  4:51 PM

“Trust”, a great enabler

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Trust is a great enabler and something that can be grown. It may also be that it is inherently essential to moving masses towards increased usage of open source solutions. For some related reading perhaps see today’s post by Zach Church entitled “

September 9, 2008  7:14 PM

Learning what to measure about Learning

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This white paper apparently highlights the true value of learning for enterprises in today’s world. Perhaps give it a read and share a comment or post if you found some particular piece of content inherently valuable.

September 8, 2008  4:45 PM

Have you tried OpenOffice?

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Unaffiliated with OpenOffice and yet to try it, however was wondering… perhaps someone out there has (e.g., perhaps following a recent Java update you decided to install it). It would be interesting to read whether you experienced a smooth install and...

September 7, 2008  10:18 PM

Technology, Software, Respect, Openness and Collaboration

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If you’re thinking about the prior post perhaps you feel that: one common inherent quality of organizations is technology; one opportunity to enhance the inherent quality of many organizations is improved software; on a top-three list of what does or will ensure inherent quality as associated...

September 7, 2008  3:58 PM

Ideally you respond to these 3 items via a positive comment

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  • Share one characteristic you feel is a common existing inherent quality of organizations.
  • Share one opportunity you feel could enhance the inherent quality of many organizations.
  • Share a top-three list of what you believe does or will help ensure inherent quality...

September 7, 2008  1:17 PM

Renewed hope for inspiration, imagination and dedication

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Looking back (e.g. potentially on billions of years since the earth was formed), and then looking forward to the future (e.g. to 2020 and beyond), perhaps you feel that open minds and doors that let in and increase things like awareness and stewardship have great potential to produce ingenuity...

September 7, 2008  8:15 AM

Progressively moving towards improved quality of life for all within the global community

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Can the Internet help to enable a better world? Can it help to improve collective consciousness, positively alter egos and awaken souls to increasingly help towards achieving higher purposes? Can continued study of the essential complexity of simple systems extend the enlightenment capability of...

September 6, 2008  2:36 PM

Help beam positive forward progress

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Perhaps you agree that sound principles are often inherent where increasingly continual successes exist. Perhaps you feel that outside the box thinking is more possible and meaningful when understanding is more so increased inside. Perhaps on your journey to help towards evolving quality inwards,...

September 5, 2008  5:24 PM

Discover your inner leader

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If you are interested in potential means to help discover your inner leader you may be interested in a recent post within the blog, TotalCIO: Collaboration, Information and Opinion (more...

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September 3, 2008  4:48 PM

Kindness goes a long way

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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. Mother Teresa
Kindness goes a long way (and you may say it is an intrinsic and pervasive quality). With each kind word and each act of kindness (for example from...

September 2, 2008  7:38 PM


Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Sharing a few words that may help when attempting to inspire others... iRealize. This post takes no credit for iRealize however encourages you to realize your value, and to increasingly help others to realize theirs. Thank you for doing so.

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