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April, 2008

April 24, 2008  10:10 AM

TM, PM and Education (that is free, and stress free)

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Back in March awareness of a new science of peace was shared. Imagine peace manifested in various ways, for example as free education or as stress free education. With a life long interest in science, spirituality and...

April 23, 2008  12:12 AM

The career, Software Developer (your comments appreciated)

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

There are many who began their career in IT as a software developer (aka computer programmer or software engineer). Within this group there are also many who no longer regularly author code. Many of these individuals were once very good at generating code that met requirements and had all reported...

April 17, 2008  11:07 AM

Vacation in honor of Earth Day

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Here's an interesting idea in honor of Earth Day. Perhaps others will deploy creative Earth Day ways to give themselves, staff and teammates a bit of time off as a means of showing appreciation for the Earth and...

April 16, 2008  3:16 PM

New creative ideas for helping staff and teammates feel appreciated

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Perhaps you too have been part of an organization that stocked the kitchen with free snacks and drinks, including things to help during a long day or night (e.g., water, coffee, tea, pop, energy drinks etc.), and including a variety of healthy choices so the day could begin with a good and free...

April 16, 2008  12:34 PM

New Google App Engine

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Master of 500 Hats ("A blog about Geeks, Entrepreneurs, & Startups in Silicon Valley") aka "The Internet Revolution, Act II" said it would have been more impressive if Google did the roll out a year ago, but that it still is...

April 16, 2008  11:07 AM

Semantic Web: unleashing the killer app

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Interesting post about the Semantic Web over at For a blog post and comments that link in nicely (e.g., with respect to the potential need for an improved search engine) see

April 16, 2008  10:10 AM

New E-Book: UC Basics, Benefits & Best Practices

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Sharing awareness of a new e-book on UC basics, benefits and best practices. If you read it, feel free to write a related post or comment to share whether you found it helpful and what you might add or change. Thank you for doing so.

April 14, 2008  10:10 AM

The value inherent to web events

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Would you like to simplify an SAP Upgrade or reign over risk and instill performance assurance for greater operational excellence? If so you may want to check out this list of IDS Sheer webcasts. If you find they help you make...

April 10, 2008  1:50 PM

New book and podcasts by TechTarget Founder

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Sharing awareness of a book by TechTarget Founder Paul Gillin, "The New Influencers: A Marketer's Guide to the New Social Media". If you have read it feel free to share a related comment. Also btw he has another book — Secrets of Social Media...

April 10, 2008  10:10 AM

The value of security inside engineering

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

The title of this post presents words found within an interesting April 8 piece about Google by Michael S. Mimoso, Information Security magazine Editor. Here is the link. And here is a

April 9, 2008  1:13 PM

Is PCI compliance enough? Is non-compliance illegal?

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Some interesting reading at Hack-igations. For a related post and comment also see FTC: Failing the Consumer. Is PCI...

April 8, 2008  5:12 PM

Bloggers, one of the strongest links

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

With respect to the evolution of the Internet, bloggers are drivers and a resultant characteristic. Increasingly each blogger has the potential to be an inherent quality. Collectively bloggers have the potential to be a positive force for good. Ideally bloggers continue to rise and progressively...

April 6, 2008  7:11 AM

New CIPS Governance Model

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

CIPS Governance Model details, and other updates... expect more news from CIPS in the months and years on route to 2020 and beyond.

The new CIPS...

April 4, 2008  10:10 AM

New website, Try XBRL

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Here is another example of fellowship, the global efforts of a consortium, such as one related to XBRL, an internationally recognized standard for electronic business and financial reporting. This April 3, 2008 post says the new...

April 3, 2008  4:20 PM

Security solutions for the present

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

This security solutions whitepaper was posted March 2008 and originally published in October 2006. If you are aware of intrinsic and pervasive solution improvements since the whitepaper was published, feel free...

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