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February 21, 2009  12:03 PM

What is your organization’s single greatest economic denominator?

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For those familiar with the work of Jim Collins, great organizations have apparently profound insight into the inner workings of their economics because they are able to pick one ratio to systematically increase over time that will have the greatest most sustainable impact on their economic engine (or for the social sectors, their resource engine).  Perhaps every organization needs to ask themselves, what is their single greatest economic denominator, and how can they develop a sustainable engine to deliver superior performance relative to their mission. If every organization did this perhaps this would greatly assist with having sustained social and economic continual improvement globally before, by and beyond perfect vision leap year 2020.

Thank you for all you do. Have a great day, and future.

February 20, 2009  8:20 PM

The Greatest Economic Denominator

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the social impact of learning or being exposed to learning is the greatest economic denominator of this college

Jean Madill, President, CNA


February 3, 2009  11:43 PM

Trust, growing within the Cloud

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As noted within it is not surprising to see QA organizations increasingly focusing more so on governance matters. In present and future times it will also not be surprising to have this focus increasingly include relationship management, perhaps even increasingly relative to the cloud. It will also not be surprising to see resources, organizations, services and products which help enable or grow trust relationships from various perspectives (including within the cloud, and perhaps relative to sharing).


By 2010 it is very possible that relationship management will truly begin surpassing traditional IT skills within many organizations. Furthermore by 2020 it is very possible services will have significantly grown within, and migrated to, the cloud … particularly as trust grows inherently.


January 8, 2009  4:20 AM

Report and Model (Responsibility and Governance)

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This report may help generate a few good ideas; and this model may help further thinking relative to maturing governance, including relative to data.



All the best in the years of the future. Thank you for all you do.

December 17, 2008  10:40 AM

Green ecard from CNA

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Sharing a Green ecard from the College of the North Atlantic. Merry Christmas and many Happy New Years to all.

December 13, 2008  12:20 PM

One million acts of kindness

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The efforts of IBM and many others are making a positive difference from many perspectives. Ideally before, by and beyond 2020 positive actions of Green, Social Responsibility, Humanitarianism, Professionalism and so on (e.g., One million acts of kindness), will reach unimagined dimensions of intrinsic and pervasive joy, peace, goodness, greatness and love thanks to all who are interconnected by software, technology and the sharing of information, ideas and progress. Thank you for each step you take for you and others in a positive forward thinking open minded direction. Merry Christmas and many Happy New Years!

December 12, 2008  7:11 PM

What is your act of Green?

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If you’ve not already, visit this site: One Million Acts of Green. Taking no credit, simply sharing awareness and reiterating that a journey of many miles begins with a single step, yours! Thank you for all you do. Well done CBC (and all who are related including Cisco).  

Before, by and beyond 2020, perhaps the acts which in various ways are positive and make a difference intrinsically and pervasively relative to quality, value, excellence, simplicity, and social responsibility will be well into the billions (and of benefit to all within the present and future generations).

Merry Christmas and many Happy New Years!

December 11, 2008  12:36 PM

Building a Smarter Planet, IBM, Government 2020

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This post takes no credit, simply shares awareness and applauds the progress of IBM and others. Explore, among other you should find information about Government 2020.

Feel free to share awareness of a country, company, government, initiative, group, person, product or service that is helping to continual make a positive difference to the inherent (intrinsic and pervasive) quality of life before, by and beyond perfect vision leap year 2020. Thank you for doing so, and for all you do. Have a great Christmas and many Happy New Years.

December 3, 2008  3:33 PM

Celebration, December 5 (you can make a positive difference)

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On December 5, Aeroplan will celebrate! This post takes no credit and simply shares awareness. 

You can help make a positive difference. Thank you for doing so! 

From: Szigeti, Meighan []
Sent: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 2:50 PM
Subject: Aeroplan Green It Up

Hi Ron,

My name is Meighan, a consultant from iStudio Canada ( contacting you on behalf of Aeroplan (  I’m contacting you about your blog, VIIP beam it up, so I hope contacting you through is alright. You  posted almost a year ago on Aeroplan’s Green It Up program, with some positive and thoughtful comments on how these initiatives can impact both the IT industry, and the future of the environment. On Friday, December 5, Aeroplan will celebrate the one-year anniversary of Green it Up, a program that enables members to use Aeroplan Miles to buy carbon offsets and offset the emissions generated by their reward travel and everyday activities. To increase the environmental benefit, Aeroplan matches member contributions by an additional 20%.  This Friday, however, to encourage members to take action to reduce the collective impact on the environment, Aeroplan, along with its Green Coalition of Partners: American Express, CIBC, and Avis will each match all miles redeemed for carbon offsets up to 50%

Aeroplan does not generate any revenue from the Carbon Offset Program or Green It Up and to help understand the effect, if 2,000 Aeroplan Members each redeem 7,500 miles to purchase carbon offsets, the combined impact would be equivalent to:

          Taking 3,500 cars off the road for one year

          Burning 8.25 million fewer litres of gasoline

          Countering the emissions created by 1,700 homes

In terms of digital assets, you can share with your readers, friends and online community members the following links: 

1.       The main Aeroplan Green It Up program page (which you might already know about)

2.      Information on the Carbon Reduction Fund and projects.

We want Aeroplan members and the public to know that they can offset their carbon impact when using air travel in a meaningful way.  Drop a line if you need more information or if this is a topic you are interested.

Best, Meighan Szigeti

Meighan Szigeti
Associate Consultant, iStudio
Direct: 416-645-3653
Main: 416-598-8061 ext. 327
Fax: 416-598-8096

P Please print this e-mail only if necessary 

December 3, 2008  2:20 PM

Rwanda’s Internet Revolution

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Video on Internet Evolution about
Rwanda’s Internet Revolution
. This post takes no credit simply shares awareness. Here’s hoping the Internet increasingly helps to make a positive difference in the lives of everyone around the globe. Look forward to increasingly reading about the contributions of many to continually make the world a better place. Thanks in advance to all for all you do to be, create and increase inherent (intrinsic and pervasive) qualities around the globe. 

All the best in the New Year and the years of the future!

November 24, 2008  11:13 AM

The Elegant Universe, LHC and Cyberinfrastructure

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The Elegant Universe, LHC & Cyberinfrastructure what can you imagine before, by and beyond perfect vision leap year 2020?

On the continual journey from good to great, quality and value will increasingly become inherent.

November 22, 2008  4:40 PM

Unit Test? Yes (also btw here’s a Diagnostic Tool that may help with moving from good to great)

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Collins states going from good to great requires discipline (disciplined people, thought and action). Taking software quality from good to great likely requires some of the same (including relative to unit testing) while progressively building increased levels of fun. To some unit testing is common sense and their answer to “Is unit testing beneficial?” would likely be a form of yes, or that increasingly it should be (e.g., may help with ensuring value that is inherent, intrinsic and pervasive… for some projects or applications you may even say it would be critical and innately part of developing capability maturity and being socially responsible).

On a slightly different note here is a Diagnostic Tool that may help each of us along our respective journeys. Perhaps it can somehow be applied to help us along our collective one too as the IT profession moves from good to great and toward truly being built to last and increasingly more so for the benefit of all.

November 22, 2008  11:56 AM

Perhaps we all may benefit by reading and internalizing what it means to be a level 5 leader

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See this page; and on it be sure to read this excerpt from Good to Great. Borrowing on words within Good to Great that were apparently once expressed by a paper industry hall of fame inductee (Darwin Smith), perhaps it is good to never stop trying to be qualified (perhaps this is something we all can more so apply to increasingly make quality and value more inherent within ourselves and our interconnected universe).

November 21, 2008  7:57 PM

2008 Recipient of Advanced Technology Award chosen as Chairman of Global Board of World’s Largest IT Organization

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Information and Communications Technology is described by employers as the number one contributor to Canada’s productivity. Click here to read more including about a serious skills shortage that is threatening the sector.

And also… click here to read exciting news about the CIPS Past President, an inherent quality of our profession who is the 2008 Recipient of Advanced Technology Award for Leadership in IT, and recently was chosen as Chairman of Global Board of World’s Largest IT organization. Congratulations Stephen!

November 21, 2008  5:35 AM

Another step in the Internet’s evolution

Ron Richard Profile: Ron Richard

Interesting piece on Internet Evolution by Mathew Ingram, technology writer for The Globe and Mail in Canada… The Internet Takes Another Step Into Outer Space. Perhaps this is another step in the Internet’s evolution. 2008 certainly has been an interesting year. Between now and perfect vision leap year 2020 the best is ideally yet to come.

Share or help mature ideas for making quality and value increasingly intrinsic and pervasive. Thank you for doing so.

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