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January, 2009

January 30, 2009  1:30 AM

Easy String Searches with the VBScript Instr function

Jerry Lees Jerry Lees Profile: Jerry Lees

I recently had a situation where I needed to find string inside a string to parse the larger string into usable and separate chunks of data. In writing this script, I realized I've not shared this gem of a function with you previously... and it really makes matters easier when you are...

January 28, 2009  11:40 PM

Microsoft CRM Email Router stops working mysteriously and then starts working again– just as mysteriously.

Jerry Lees Jerry Lees Profile: Jerry Lees

I've been doing a good deal of work with Microsoft CRM lately. Heck, I'll say it... I've been doing ALL my work with Microsoft CRM lately. It's a beast that no one here at "the office" knows about and I've become "The Guy". You know what that means, scramble to stay ahead of the...

January 23, 2009  7:21 PM

Tip: Searching Google for solutions to a Microsoft product problem

Jerry Lees Jerry Lees Profile: Jerry Lees

Maybe this isn't earth shattering, and most all of you already know this trick. However, I just stumbled upon it and am willing to bet at least a few people are troubled by searching google for answers to problems and finding the needle in the haystack. Here's the scenario:\ You're looking for...

January 19, 2009  4:14 AM

Windows Tip: Clearing Internet Explorer cached data from the command line

Jerry Lees Jerry Lees Profile: Jerry Lees

As a Network Administrator sometimes you need to clear the browsing history, cookies, or the like for a entire community of users. Sure, you could tell them how to do it thinking that you were being super smart by providing instructions for them. However, as you well know there will be some who...

January 16, 2009  1:56 AM

Word Tip: Quick and easy tables in Microsoft Word

Jerry Lees Jerry Lees Profile: Jerry Lees

This isn't a VBScript tip--- or even a systems administrator tip. However, it is a valuable tip on a quick easy way to create tables in word that are EXACTLY the size you need without knowing ahead of time and doing a lot of clicking in the menus... and if your like me with the...

January 12, 2009  1:46 AM

Windows Tip: Moving a window from off screen back into view

Jerry Lees Jerry Lees Profile: Jerry Lees

If you've ever hooked up your laptop to a secondary monitor and then disconnected without remembering to move the windows back to the primary desktop, you've probably encounted this problem:  The application is running. You can see it in the taskbar, but you can't see it on the screen, because...

January 8, 2009  2:18 AM

Essential tools: Fiddler Web Debugger, Display HTTP packets LIVE without a packet sniffer

Jerry Lees Jerry Lees Profile: Jerry Lees

You may have been thinking I had forgotten about this series of articles since I haven't posted to it in a while. Nope! Just haven't run across anything that was truely aazing enough to be an "Essential Tool". Well, I recently found just that web I had to troubleshoot a application that was making...

January 5, 2009  2:03 AM

Retrieve environment variable values from a remote system with WMI

Jerry Lees Jerry Lees Profile: Jerry Lees

Back in October I shared with you a way to retrieve environment variables with a script titled 1 Comment     RSS Feed     Email a friend

January 2, 2009  3:01 AM

Searching the Windows Eventlog for specific events with WMI

Jerry Lees Jerry Lees Profile: Jerry Lees

On occasion as a systems administrator you have to find the proverbial needle in the haystack with respect to the events in the event logs. You know what I mean, the one event you care about and need to know when it occured as part of your troubleshooting... then throw in that you need to do it in...

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