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May 16, 2016  9:48 AM

The PiP Gambit

Justin Rohrman Justin Rohrman Profile: Justin Rohrman
HR, Management

Are performance improvement plans (PiP) a gambit to shuffle people out the front door, or are they actually there to help people? I just finished the new Dan Lyons book, Disrupted, while on a plane flight to Seattle. The book seems equal parts entering a new environment with a terrible attitude,...

March 7, 2016  8:57 AM

Phantom Management

Justin Rohrman Justin Rohrman Profile: Justin Rohrman

I have heard a lot about phantom managers, or sock puppet managers, for a long time now. It was just recently that I actually saw one. The team I was working with was working on a three week release cycle. About a third of that was spend on tasks that had absolutely nothing to do with the...

February 15, 2016  5:13 PM

Generalists or Specialists? Why not both!

Matt Heusser Matt Heusser Profile: Matt Heusser
Agile, manageengine, Management, specialist

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November 23, 2015  12:14 PM

Your Average Development Manager

Justin Rohrman Justin Rohrman Profile: Justin Rohrman
Conflict, Management

Last week I introduced a story about what bad corporate communication can look like. I talked about the post, and the experience that lead up to it, with my colleague and co-blogger here on...

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