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June 18, 2019  10:11 AM

In Defense of FizzBuzz

Matt Heusser Matt Heusser Profile: Matt Heusser
HR, Interviews

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September 13, 2017  9:23 PM

Building Technical Resumes

Justin Rohrman Justin Rohrman Profile: Justin Rohrman
Interviews, resume, resumes

I got an email from a company today claiming they are planning to kill the resume. I recently gave up on a several year experiment of not having a resume. Sometime around 2013 I stopped updating my resume with each job change. After a while, I forgot where the file was on my computer or in the...

August 29, 2016  10:56 AM

Vetting New Employees

Justin Rohrman Justin Rohrman Profile: Justin Rohrman
Interview, Interviews

I was eavesdropping on a conversation about vetting technical skill during an interview in a local Slack channel last week. One person suggested live programming or logic exercises on a white board. Others responded that this is inhumane and rigged against people that need a quiet space without...

July 16, 2015  4:28 PM

Don’t Interview, Explore!

Michael Larsen Michael Larsen Profile: Michael Larsen

I'm in "interview mode" at the moment. We are looking at a number of candidates, and we are playing "Resume Buzzword Bingo". I am trying to see if the list of accomplishments and achievements match with "can this person do the job?" For years, I used to go through a set list of questions, areas...

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