Uncharted Waters:

February, 2014

February 24, 2014  9:41 AM

How to deal with a bad boss

Justin Rohrman Justin Rohrman Profile: Justin Rohrman

There are all kinds of bad bosses out there, but reading the Gervais Principle has warped my mind a little bit. I can't help but see organizations in terms of this model now and it is sort of freaky. If you haven't read this, I'll give you...

February 14, 2014  1:06 PM

On Powertalk

Matt Heusser Matt Heusser Profile: Matt Heusser

Have you ever been to one of those meetings where the entire department is called in with four hours notice? If you have, then you know a bit of what I was feeling. If you haven't, consider yourself lucky. There we sat, around the conference table, waiting for our newly promoted Senior...

February 12, 2014  12:47 PM

An interview with Eliza Brock from Nashville Software School

Justin Rohrman Justin Rohrman Profile: Justin Rohrman

Last time I talked a little bit about the differences between a traditional university education and posted some thoughts about why you might want to look into vocational education. This time, I have an interview with Eliza Brock from

February 5, 2014  10:48 AM

Tech education: Or how to get a job quick!

Justin Rohrman Justin Rohrman Profile: Justin Rohrman

Education paths for tech workers has been pretty cut and dry for the past few decades. Get through high school and ideally be good at math, then move on to a university and major in computer science, or computer engineering, or some type of mathematics. Alternately, go to university...

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