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October, 2012

October 31, 2012  7:00 AM

Decomposing desktops are a scary thought for IT

ccignoli ccignoli Profile: ccignoli

In Steve Herrod’s keynote at this year’s VMworld conference, he referred to “decomposing desktops”—which I could only picture as a rotting stack of old PCs and Apple Macintosh Pluses in...

October 22, 2012  2:53 PM

Add Hype Translation to Your Résumé

Lauren Horwitz Lauren Horwitz Profile: Lauren Horwitz

When you joined your IT department, little did you know that part of your role would involve hype translation. But you are the key line of defense between vendors’ overblown claims and your company’s dollars. You often...

October 22, 2012  2:49 PM

AWS, OpenStack and CloudStack: The cloud API war is on

Lauren Horwitz Lauren Horwitz Profile: Lauren Horwitz

Cloud application programming interfaces (APIs) might seem more boring than controversial, but as cloud platforms become more sophisticated, the cloud API war is on. Cloud APIs give developers programmatic access to services,...

October 22, 2012  2:41 PM

Passion projects

ccignoli ccignoli Profile: ccignoli

I love it when work and life intersect--when what people are passionate about is also how they make their living. One of my favorite aspects of VMworld 2012...

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