Digital transformation

October 30, 2018  1:26 PM

Digital transformation for banks: One institution’s website remake

John Moore John Moore Profile: John Moore
CIO, CMS, Digital transformation, Financial services applications, launch website

Financial services firms must respond to changing customer demands, cultivate personalized relationships and maintain those ties across multiple channels. Artificial...

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August 31, 2018  3:02 PM

A look inside MX’s flat organizational structure

Brian Holak Brian Holak Profile: Brian Holak
Digital transformation

The opening keynote at Gartner Catalyst 2018 in San Diego was all about how culture -- not technology -- is the number one challenge facing IT leaders going through the digital transformation process. During the keynote, a lot of advice was given about

March 31, 2018  3:57 PM

Vendor briefing on standardizing processes for RPA services

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci
Business process improvement, CIO, Digital transformation, RPA

Tony Abel, a managing director at consulting firm Protiviti, met recently with SearchCIO to share some of his experiences in delivering robotic process automation (RPA) services to the firm's primarily Fortune 100 clients.

March 9, 2018  7:21 PM

Who needs a tech futurist? In today’s world, you do

Jason Sparapani Jason Sparapani Profile: Jason Sparapani
Blockchain, Digital transformation, Technology

Pat Ryan's job is to think about tomorrow. He fills a new role as tech "futurist" at tech consulting company SPR. His job is to study budding technologies he projects will catch on in...

January 31, 2018  6:04 PM

AI in the workplace: Try it, you’ll like it

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci
Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, Business Process Automation, Digital transformation, ECHO

It's not too soon to prepare for AI in the workplace. It's been a slog, but the AI-driven digital technologies  that are radically altering how we collect, communicate and act on...

May 26, 2017  7:17 PM

CIO doesn’t play chief digital officer role at GE

Jason Sparapani Jason Sparapani Profile: Jason Sparapani
Chief Digital Officer, CIO, Digital business, Digital transformation

At an event that emphasized the role the CIO plays in digital transformation, the IT chief at General Electric made clear what the CIO doesn't fill there:...

April 28, 2017  5:04 PM

Nestlé builds ‘digital ecosystems’ to transform its massive bottled water biz

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci
Business model, CIOs, Digital strategy, Digital transformation

Time will tell if ReadyRefresh -- Nestlé's makeover of its century-old bottled water delivery business -- becomes the UPS,

February 28, 2017  8:08 PM

PwC: Don’t just invest in digital — invest in human experience

Jason Sparapani Jason Sparapani Profile: Jason Sparapani
digital technology, Digital transformation, PWC, User experience

Companies need to focus on the human experience of technology if they're going to handle the enormous change that new technologies such as artificial intelligence, the

January 10, 2017  12:30 PM

Digital transformation strategy is common language at Rosetta Stone

Jason Sparapani Jason Sparapani Profile: Jason Sparapani
Digital business, Digital transformation, partnership

Rosetta Stone knew CDs alone wouldn't cut it in the digital age. The language-learning company now helps people roll their Spanish R's and sort out der, die and das in German with cloud software, available to them online and on their smartphones. It's something out of...

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