March, 2018

March 31, 2018  4:14 PM

Deep neural networks, speed limit signs and training on the fly

Nicole Laskowski Nicole Laskowski Profile: Nicole Laskowski

Because of data and compute power requirements, training a deep learning algorithm doesn't typically happen on so-called edge devices such as smartphones or drones. But Neurala Inc., a

March 31, 2018  3:57 PM

Vendor briefing on standardizing processes for RPA services

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci
Business process improvement, CIO, Digital transformation, RPA

Tony Abel, a managing director at consulting firm Protiviti, met recently with SearchCIO to share some of his experiences in delivering robotic process automation (RPA) services to the firm's primarily Fortune 100 clients.

March 30, 2018  7:00 PM

Serverless computing architecture won’t kill containers

Jason Sparapani Jason Sparapani Profile: Jason Sparapani
Application development, Cloud Computing, containers, Microservices, Serverless computing

Serverless computing may be the newest, shiniest gadget in the developer's toolkit: It's a cloud service; it runs only when triggered by an "event," like a click on a website, so it doesn't rack up costs; and best of all -- it hides all of the underlying server management. But...

March 30, 2018  5:54 PM

Artificial intelligence strategies tackle ‘reasonable goals’ — not moonshots

Brian Holak Brian Holak Profile: Brian Holak

The Gartner Data & Analytics Summit I've been writing about recently was filled with

March 30, 2018  4:53 PM

AI voice assistants won’t just book your meetings, they’ll partake in them

Brian Holak Brian Holak Profile: Brian Holak

Imagine asking Cortana about your revenue last quarter. That could be the future, according to Gartner analyst Svetlana Sicular. At the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit, Sicular discussed some of the

March 30, 2018  2:22 PM

Cyber awareness program: How one CISO became a believer

Mekhala Roy Mekhala Roy Profile: Mekhala Roy

It took a nation-state attack for Alan Levine to realize the importance of implementing a cyber awareness program. "I believed that cyber awareness training was useless because I...

March 30, 2018  1:11 PM

Data literacy training: CIOs just got a new job, yippee!

Linda Tucci Linda Tucci Profile: Linda Tucci
BI, Chief Data Officer, CIO, Data Analytics, Data literacy

CIOs, if your company has a chief data officer, read no further. But if the "I" in CIO includes data, then your job will be expanding again. Yippee? Here's the crux: So-called

March 29, 2018  1:24 PM

Today’s great cloud challenge: The hybrid IT puzzle

Jason Sparapani Jason Sparapani Profile: Jason Sparapani
Cloud Computing, Hybrid cloud, Hybrid IT, Private Cloud, Public Cloud

For 89% of companies, one cloud is not good enough. That's according to a 2017 Forrester report on cloud adoption. Forty-eight percent use five cloud providers or more, and 41% have two-to-four providers, leaving 11% with just one. Fifty-nine percent say their cloud strategy is

March 23, 2018  11:54 AM

Voxbone tech chief: Customer service is the new job of CIO

Jason Sparapani Jason Sparapani Profile: Jason Sparapani
Business strategy, CIO, Infrastructure As A Service, Shadow IT, Software as a Service

The job of CIO is not what it used to be. The days of taking technology orders from the business and just handing over the goods are finished. Beginning is an age of collaboration -- working with the business to deliver value to customers, whether internal or external. That is how it is at...

March 15, 2018  4:24 PM

AI’s exponential curve: More from my interview with ISACA’s Rob Clyde

Nicole Laskowski Nicole Laskowski Profile: Nicole Laskowski
Artificial intelligence, cybersecurity

I recently talked about the use of AI in the enterprise with Rob Clyde, vice chairman of the board of directors at

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