October, 2013

October 25, 2013  6:32 PM could’ve used a heavy dose of project governance

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

If you're one of the thousands (millions?) of Americans who've run up against the mess that is federal health insurance exchange website you may be wondering -- in colorful language -- how such an important project could be such a disaster. But before you start cursing the coders and damning the...

October 15, 2013  5:28 PM

Google’s Eric Schmidt surprised by the tablet revolution

Nicole Laskowski Nicole Laskowski Profile: Nicole Laskowski

Eric Schmidt, the executive chairman of Google Inc., admits it: The tablet caught him off guard. He made the confession during the 2013 Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Fla. Want a closer look? Here's what he had to say during his keynote address about mobile enterprise computing, the tablet...

October 12, 2013  5:05 AM

Gartner Symposium forecast: cloudy with a chance of 3D printing

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

The future is unwritten, sure, but there are still a few givens. Most likely, the sun will rise tomorrow, babies will cry and water will be wet. All the same, everyone loves a good bit of prognostication. And when it comes to peering into the tech looking glass, the good folks at the Gartner...

October 8, 2013  10:40 PM

Why is Microsoft licensing so complicated?

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

ORLANDO, FLA. -- Live from the 2013 Gartner Symposium ITxpo, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discusses why Microsoft licensing is so complicated. In his tenth and final appearance wearing the CEO hat at the annual event, Ballmer pounced on the query before it even finished leaving the lips of...

October 4, 2013  9:37 PM

Adobe’s data security issues are everyone’s problem

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Like a Hollywood ingenue, now that data's star is on the rise it can never expect privacy again. OK, perhaps the data is the new oil analogy is little stronger, but the point is data -- personal, private and all kinds in between -- is a hot commodity, that's only going to get hotter as folks figure...

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