July, 2013

July 30, 2013  8:32 PM

Security, privacy and ethics: Three big data mistakes

Guest Author Profile: Guest Author

By Nicole Laskowski, Senior News Writer SAN DIEGO – Security, ethics and privacy hover on the outskirts of the big data discussion; they are not ignored, but they don't often appear in the spotlight, either. That's why it was surprising to see an entire session devoted to all three at...

July 26, 2013  7:47 PM

Data scientists need to earn trust

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

They're a hot commodity in high demand. They're the cool kids who know how to get down and dirty with the big data. They're the data scientists, the folks who give meaning to, well, just about any information you can collect. But what if their results are flawed? What if they don't really have all...

July 19, 2013  9:27 PM

Sophisticated retail data collection programs up the creep factor

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Have you ever felt like you were being watched? Well, get used to it.  More and more retailers are getting sophisticated with their data collection programs. From mobile device tracking to old-fashioned video surveillance, in some places the moment you step into a store the race is on to find out...

July 12, 2013  7:27 PM

Samsung’s Jay-Z mobile app launch a how-not-to reminder for CIOs

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

Poor Jay-Z already had 99 problems, now an app glitch is one. Actually, the big fail that was the "Magna Carta The Holy Grail" album mobile app launch was more of a problem for business partner Samsung and millions of Mr. Carter's fans. (Chances are Jay-Z is making it out of this one unscathed.)...

July 5, 2013  4:46 PM

Patent suggests self-destructing email coming soon

Karen Goulart Karen Goulart Profile: Karen Goulart

It would be the special delivery we've all dreamed of since the dawn of the electronic exchange of words -- self-destructing email. And while it could save jobs and relationships the world over, it could also be a pretty helpful email security tool,  as is pointed out in this week's top...

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